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Hello guys,

Im' stuck with this issue and I don't know what is the best way to solve it.

If you consider the following map at big zoom levels (for instance 18), you'll notice the building centered on the map has no name displayed, at least with standard view.

Nevertheless, this building has 2 nodes in it (I won't tell the name to avoid advertising), both with names and of type shop:hifi :

The funny thing is that in Edit Mode the shop icons are displayed, but in view / normal mode, they aren't!

Why aren't these names / icons displayed ? It it because of the algorithm used by Mapnik to generate the tiles ?

Why would be the best method to display these names / icons ? Divide the building in 2 buildings and name the buildings with the names of the shops instead of having the 2 current nodes ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Best regards,

Alexandre 8)

asked 15 Apr '13, 16:22

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The current mapnik stylesheet (used for the standard rendering layer) has no symbol for shop=hifi and no other special rendering rule. That's why your two nodes don't appear on the rendered tiles.

They would appear if you split the building and moved the tags from the nodes to the building parts. But you shouldn't split the building if it is one single building in reality because you should not map for the renderer. Instead you can create a ticket for the mapnik component using your regular OSM account and suggest an improvement for the rendering style sheet.

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answered 15 Apr '13, 17:15

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Thanks a lot for this answer, it makes sense and answers my question !

FYI, the ticket has been submitted to OSM Trac:

Sorry for my initial question, it might have sounded silly but this is a great way to learn and get better ! And of course, respect of the basics: no tagging for the renderer !

Best regards,

Alexandre 8)

(15 Apr '13, 21:37) alexboss

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