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I apologize if this question has been asked before, though I haven't seen anything similar enough yet...

I'd like to set up a subscription service for my site where subscribers would get access to premium maps and be allowed to embed them on their own website.

What I mean is something like this: A subscriber pays to access a map he/she previously could not see (e.g., a heat map of crimes per County in the U.S.). After paying, the user can see the map. If they do not pay, they can't see the map.

And if it's helpful, my prior experience has been Google Fusion Tables, which allows ".kml" files to be laid on a Google Map.

Is this possible in OpenStreetmap?

asked 12 Apr '13, 17:00

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Is your question about the legal issues or the technical issues?

(12 Apr '13, 17:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

For now, just the technical aspects (or I guess what some folks would call the logistics).

(12 Apr '13, 17:37) myprogprojects

I am not fully sure that I understand your idea, please comment or edit your question if needed.

About the legal issues: Commercial use of OSM's data is possible (with restrictions). Private maps are not (in the sense that the data is public for everyone if you enter it into OSM's database - only do so for useful data …). However, you can render your own private map style using OSM data.

Update: Thanks for your addition. You can do dynamic overlays over a OSM map - as far as I know dynamic overlays (layers) are not restricted/covered by the typical copyright restrictions of the tiles (but you really should read about this on your own in the license texts and/or ask a lawyer). Also see our legal FAQ.

About the technical issues: In case you did not know: OSM is basically (just) a database with many services around. So, the short answer to your question is: yes, it is possible. Someone else here might present you solution ideas (or link to some), but I suspect that your description is still too vague then.

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answered 12 Apr '13, 17:08

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