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I'm completing the minor toponymy of my town (Puertas Cabrales) and as it's going to gave me some work, I'll like to know if there is any way to rescue all my modifications in the map in case anyone came and delete them.


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Every user can see the history of their edits. For you it is:

You can download each of your edits as a changeset XML file. I'm not aware of an existing program to automate getting all of ones edits, but it should not be too hard to write some scripts (not that I'm volunteering).

I believe that having downloaded the changeset data, you will not be able to (re)apply it again since the change is against old versions of data.

If the data is subsequently changed to what you believe is now made incorrect, the proper procedure is to ask the user why the change was made (e.g. accidental or deliberate).

If the change needs to be reverted, then if the scale of the change is small - simply manually fix it. Otherwise seek help on IRC or the mailing lists to discuss having changes reverted.

Also see:

To follow changes in areas you have edited see:

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For a collection of tools, see the OSM wiki about Quality_assurance --> Monitoring Tools

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answered 10 Apr '13, 16:58

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