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Can someone delete an old non-existing road at lat=12.6837, lon=-87.2259? This road was replace by the NIC-50 many years ago.

Thank you.

asked 08 Apr '13, 17:26

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How do you mean "replaced"? If new road was built, usually the old road still exists (at least in parts). In that case don't delete it, instead change its highway-tag to a lower level.

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answered 08 Apr '13, 21:45

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moszkva ter
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Please see this other answer how to report bugs/problems at specific places of the map. Thank you!

Okay, it seems that you already have deleted the old road. Anyway, if you find problems which you cannot solve yourself report them in OpenStreetBugs (see my first link) or ask/search here how to do the edit.

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answered 09 Apr '13, 14:55

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 09 Apr '13, 15:00

If you read the beginers guide you will find it is a fairly simple edit. Hi light the bit that as gone and either down grade it if it can be used in any way (walking for example) or if dug up delete it. It is here I think just checked and old road is deleted so link only shows replacement.

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answered 09 Apr '13, 00:54

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andy mackey
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edited 09 Apr '13, 18:06

If you try editing and can not get It right you can use the undo box or just exit without saving it.

(09 Apr '13, 00:58) andy mackey

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