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I apologize in advance since my question is probably answered in the docs. I'm quite new, and a bit overwhelmed, and I couldn't find the answer myself. Any pointers to the right part of the docs is appreciated.

I mapped several sections of an old, broken wall yesterday, collecting location and elevation for each point, though in an unformatted way. (

At the moment, I don't see a way to put these values into OSM, since the only editor available to me (Potlatch 2) does not seem to accept coordinates, and does not show mouseover coords.

I've glimpsed at a GPX file, and it looks like I could reformat my data to GPX. The question there is how to import a broken path, ie. how to mark certain waypoints as beginning/end of wall sections. (BTW, what is the best Android app to collect GPX?)

Thanks in advance!

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Potlatch 2 intentionally doesn't allow you to input co-ordinates, but you can get a rolling display of the current cursor position by turning on the relevant option in the Options dialogue. If you want to input co-ordinates you could download JOSM or similar.

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answered 08 Apr '13, 13:39

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This question is getting a little old to be current but this might be helpful to others if not to you.

For converting your data to gpx format something like GPSBabel might be able to help. One of the .csv formats it supports would seem to me to be and easier thing for you to create from scratch than something line gpx:

A single gpx file can hold multiple tracks which would probably be the easiest way to import your "broken paths".

In terms of getting this into OSM you are probably best off with something like JOSM. It's more complex than the online editors but much more powerful. If you want to stick to the online editors you could upload your gpx traces and trace them in the editor, it would be less precise but doable.

For Android I quite like GPXLogger, although OSMAnd is also good as it lets you upload directly to OSM.

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answered 19 May '13, 15:12

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