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I live in a village (UK) where virtually every property has a house name rather than a number. Drivers frequently stop in the layby near my place and ask 'where is ??? cottage please'? I would like to flourish a print of the area with the housenames on and so direct them on their way. I have had one go of editing a name but nothing has been rendered. I see where names are visible that they have been entered as names in the addr:housenumber tag field. What is the correct way to edit housenames so they are rendered please?

asked 09 Jan '11, 16:19

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There is a addr:housename tag which you could use to enter house names. The name tag could also be used, but I guess it is more appropriate to use it on POIs.

Rendering is another issue. Mapnik, OSM's main renderer, only renders house numbers / names if they roughly fit inside the rendered house outline (and don't conflict with surrounding captions). If the name is too long, it won't show up on a map rendered by mapnik. Osmarender instead is a bit more tolerant. You can activate it by selecting the corresponding layer via the blue + in the top right map corner or by adding &layers=O to the URL. Maybe the name of your buildings will show up there. Besides, both mapnik and osmarender will need some time to render your updated map, especially at the weekend.

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answered 09 Jan '11, 16:44

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The 'name' tag would be appropriate if it can indeed be considered the name of the building, and thus equivalent to housename. If a building contains more than one housename, that won't work.

(10 Jan '11, 03:13) Mike N

Mapnik isn't currently rendering addr:housename, but should be able to in the near future. We've planned for its addition and are now waiting for other processes to finish before we can incorporate it.

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answered 20 Apr '11, 22:13

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scai...... Thank you for your reply. I was aware of the housename tag but was trying to see if I could use it without drawing a building - as a node.

Mike N..... I agree with your comment.

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answered 12 Jan '11, 20:18

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yes you can use the addr:housename tag on a node (possibly along with building=yes)

(12 Jan '11, 21:13) petschge

Just a note: Please post replies to answers as comments, not as new answers. Otherwise things get confused quickly...

(13 Jan '11, 10:44) sleske

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