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Hi, I have a problem in exporting my GPX file in openstreetmap : 2 minutes after sending the file, i got this in my mailbox

"Found no good GPX points in the input data. At least 75% of the trackpoints lacked a <time> tag."

I checked the file, and there is actually no <time> tag.
Here is what my file looks like:

alt text

Is anybody has the same problem ?


PS: I did some researches and I went on this link : but i wasn't able to run the scrpit (it tells me : "bogustimestamp takes precisely 3 parameters, you have given 1 parameters")

asked 09 Jan '11, 15:38

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Harry Wood

This is because OSM requires a timestamp for all nodes in the GPX trace file. Why it is missing in your case depends on the tool you locally used with your GPS to generate this file. Sometimes it is a simple configuration hint to add the timestamp, sometimes it is not possible. A popular tool to generate GPX files for OSM is 'gpsbabel', you may have a look there.
I also found a Python script which may help you fixing this issue at this address.

About the reason why the timestamp is required , I will quote Andy Robinson from the mailing-list : "The reason it's required is that it reduces the temptation for individuals to upload data in the GPX format that has not been gathered by a GPS. Of course that's not foolproof and it's not intended to be."

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answered 11 Jan '11, 12:53

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"OSM requires a timestamp"

why? my tracks come from the software without timestamp and set the privacy settings, too close to publish without time ... it is not a good idea to have any gpx edit again

mfg jens

(04 Jul '13, 22:07) Jens_999

Requiring timestamps makes it more likely that the track is actually from a GPS device. And not just traced from Google Maps, or some other copyright source.

If you are concerned about privacy, then you can adjust the visibility of your GPS traces. ie set them as trackable, then they won't be linked to your account.

Or if you are really concerned about privacy, then don't upload any GPS tracks to OSM. You can still use them for editing the map - eg JOSM and ID allow you to load GPX files from your PC.

(05 Jul '13, 00:59) Vclaw

...and P2.

(05 Jul '13, 07:11) Richard ♦

With xmlstarlet you can add default timestamps:

xmlstarlet ed -N x= -s '//x:trkpt' -t elem -n time -v 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z track.gpx > track-nulltime.gpx

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answered 17 Jan '11, 19:53

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I know this is an old question, but for others who need a solution, I have been working on a tool that will add timestamps to GPX files. It tries to preserve most of the GPX data, and lets you set a start time and an average speed:

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answered 22 May '15, 07:46

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This fixes the error if you want to import a gpx manually created, in the Garmin Connect application !!! Fixes! Fixes! Fixes! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

ps. Is possible to set the start and the end point?

(06 Aug '17, 09:32) Tarta

The GPS device i use is the "Tomtom Rider". I can't make the script work, i will try later, but by adding the timestamp by hand, it gave me a trace on OSM map.
Thanks for your help anyway Pieren !

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answered 12 Jan '11, 18:28

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You can send me your GPX and I'll test and fix the "script".

(27 Jan '11, 18:47) Martin

It works perfectly with xmlstarlet , thanks !

(09 Feb '11, 12:53) Bastoche

you can inspect or open a gpx file with windows note pad or a linux text editor, i've tried this on a windows tower system and a ubunto net book,These will then display type software that was used to create it and some other header info followed by a list of latitudes, longitudes,the date, the time when at that point,over and over again.I have set my garmin vista to one every second.I have downloaded and looked at someone else trace to compare to mine and theirs had the gps model in the header.I looked at some of my traces and found out where I was three years ago to the second.Osm needs the time stamps to prove they are genuine surveys.Hopefully you can read a problem or rejected trace and get a clue to what wrong.

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answered 15 Jan '11, 02:29

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andy mackey
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Hi! Looks like you used expertgps to create the gpx. Never just that software myself but I googled and I would be surprised if it is not able to convert keeping the timestamps. Try to search here:

You could also try to use the editgpx plugin in JOSM. It allows for editing gpx and saving as anonymised time-stamps. Possibly it can also genereta the time-stamps when missing. See here:

Happy mapping!

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answered 27 Jan '11, 21:10

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