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The "cycle map" base layer never seems to update. Why is this?

asked 15 Jul '10, 07:22

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I do appreciate that the cycle map is created by generous individuals in their spare time. I think the frustration is the uncertainty.

The CycleMap wiki says "The database is updated every Wednesday morning with data from the previous week (ending at midnight on Tuesday evening). After that, it takes a few days for all the tiles to refresh, so it might take until Thursday or Friday before they show up. "

But I have edits submitted over three weeks ago which have yet to show up.

Is there anywhere that the current update status gets posted? That would be helpful information.

(22 Jul '10, 13:09) monxton

The cycle layer is based on which is created by Andy Allan and Dave Stubbs in their spare time.

While resources are donated by cloudmade, it is exactly that: a spare time hobby project. Also, I believe updating is a very resource-intensive process with parsing all the height data and stuff, so it can't just rerender things every day.

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answered 15 Jul '10, 09:04

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I believe the height data is merely a background image from USGS DEM and other than pasting cyclemap data on top of it is not processed.

(11 Feb '11, 19:10) Baloo Uriza

Paul, that's a completely inaccurate statement. You might be confusing opencyclemap with TopOSM, that uses height data from USGS - I don't, and there's definitely a lot of processing of the height data.

(22 Mar '11, 09:20) Andy Allan

The updates to the Cycle Map are now hourly, however there are times when it will take longer due to higher demand, particularly by scrapers trying to download large numbers of tiles that haven't been rendered yet (thus not in the cache) and getting priority over rendering tiles that need an update.

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answered 01 Sep '10, 00:19

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I'm wondering if this is still the case, since it's taken about a week without update in Tulsa.

(11 Feb '11, 19:10) Baloo Uriza

It's no longer quite the case - see the wiki.

(22 Mar '11, 09:04) Andy Allan

Nope, it's still the case. There's quite a few US-area edits that were made over two weeks ago and still haven't rendered on any zoom of the OSM.

(22 Mar '11, 15:49) Baloo Uriza

Do you have any specific example (map permalink)?

(23 Mar '11, 00:00) smsm1

Northern California and Oregon along USBR 99 (Pacific Coast Bike Route/Oregon Coast Bike Route), Tulsa metropolitan area, and Oklahoma 66 and USBR 66 in Tulsa and southeastern Kansas, respectively.

(23 Mar '11, 00:06) Baloo Uriza


Noticed that the Cycle base map on OSM does not appear to made it to Australia, Tasmania after the redaction. Any clues if it is bogged down working its way through the backlog or is no longer being updated?


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answered 17 Sep '12, 13:51

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edited 17 Sep '12, 13:53

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