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I am a webmaster working on a commercial website. I have understand that i can use the datas of OSM without any problem and for free until i note on my terms of use that its from OPen source Open street map and his legals references. (Tell me if i am wrong)

Can u tell me if there a free Flash application to use your datas. I wish to embed this API into my commercial use.

What is the limit of loading datas from OSM server? How many request per day?

Can i display on OSM map my own POI ( based on my server location )?

Many thanks for your anwsers.

Regards, Manager

asked 06 Apr '13, 06:19

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A couple of useful links to get you started:

1) The switch2osm site describes how to serve map tiles based on OSM data, and how to overlay your own data over those map tiles.

2) This page clearly describes how you must credit OpenStreetMap.

There are Flash applications that work with OpenStreetMap data (the editor built in to the website is flash based) but you don't need an "API" in order to access OSM data, you can just download it (you'll probably want one of the smaller geographic "Extracts" linked from that page).

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answered 06 Apr '13, 11:08

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