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Three months ago I had make ways in my city over the Bing Maps. But now all ways aren't precise. It isn't correctly over the Bing Map. What could be? Should I adjust all roads to match with map image?

asked 05 Apr '13, 00:12

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Rodrigo Cesar
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edited 05 Apr '13, 16:25

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aseerel4c26 ♦


I hope you did not use bing maps to create OSM data. Do you mean bing aerial imagery for which we have a special permission?

(05 Apr '13, 00:52) aseerel4c26 ♦

I never saw this term "bing aerial imagery" when editing with Potlatch 2. There is only the Bing logo. But you understood what I want to say, don't you?

(05 Apr '13, 02:14) Rodrigo Cesar

It is OK to trace Bing aerial images (photo) which are amongst the P2 and JOSM backgrounds. But we must NOT copy from Bing maps for any contributions such as names or ways

(05 Apr '13, 10:29) andy mackey

@Rodrigo Cesar: if you just use the sat image / aerial imagery which you see per default as background in Potlatch 2 then it is totally fine! Thanks for the clarification. Yes, without clicking anywhere in Potlatch you only see the "Bing" logo in the lower left corner.

(05 Apr '13, 16:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26: Thanks for your help. I'm not using Bing data. Only the sat image. I am live in this city and I have the official city hall map. I'm going to make more GPX traces with my cellphone to decide what should be the correct place of the ways.

(05 Apr '13, 17:10) Rodrigo Cesar

@Rodrigo Cesar: Okay - fine for bing. But now you additionally mention "official city hall map" - I just want to make sure that there is no misunderstanding: in general we are not allowed to use any other maps (see a FAQ entry). :-)

(05 Apr '13, 23:57) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi. This is the city hall map that I'm using to get street names: It seens that doesn't have any copyright to the map. But next week I will mail town hall asking this information.

(06 Apr '13, 02:59) Rodrigo Cesar

@Rodrigo Cesar: maps do not need to have a copyright notice to actually be copyrighted (at least in some jurisdictions/countries). Since we want to create data free of copyright violations please do not use any other data source unless you definitely know that the author allowed to incorporate the source's data into the freely licensed OSM data. Also be aware that sometimes people in administrations give you a permission although they are not allowed to do so. Thanks for your care and effort!

(06 Apr '13, 09:39) aseerel4c26 ♦
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Rodrigo, you should have aligned the imagery in the region you were tracing before starting.

Searching for "align imagery" on this site will give you a large number of results explaining the reasons and how to avoid ths issues you are seeing.

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answered 05 Apr '13, 10:25

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SimonPoole ♦
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Check this wiki about realigning the background layer:

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answered 05 Apr '13, 11:27

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Studio Menno
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The images may not be aligned but are getting improved which is why they do not match your previous edit. To over come this you may need some GPX traces to check the image alignments against. note have you checked to see if there are some traces?

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answered 05 Apr '13, 10:33

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andy mackey
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edited 05 Apr '13, 10:35

I have two GPX traces. But it was make with a cellphone GPS and it isn't precise enough witch I can decide if the bing new Bing image or the old Bing image is correct. But I'm thinking that the new image should be correct.

(05 Apr '13, 12:26) Rodrigo Cesar

There are a number of uploaded traces here

While not perfect, they should probably help with the offset.

(05 Apr '13, 12:31) SimonPoole ♦

I can see three traces here but not many to the southwest of that in town? Are those the ones that you're talking about?

(05 Apr '13, 12:32) SomeoneElse ♦

collect some more traces and then decide afterwards :)

(05 Apr '13, 15:10) gormo

@SomeoneElse: I had uploaded three traces of this road, but it was upload in private mode. It is possible that you are seen my traces in this road?

(05 Apr '13, 17:03) Rodrigo Cesar

I think that I will collect more traces with cellphone GPS to decide.

(05 Apr '13, 17:04) Rodrigo Cesar

Try to get a unobstructed view of the sky, hold your mobile only on the sides to not cover the GPS antenna (where-ever it may be in your device). Several traces help to take a average of them to get more confidence.

You could try another GPS app which allows filtering (only records points when the reception is good) by the HDOP precision value, like ViewRanger (at least on Symbian it has that feature).

(06 Apr '13, 00:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

Some GPS devices have an averaging function but you could do this by sitting still with your device for a while, in an open space with good view of sky. The resulting birds nest in the trace can be averaged and if the seat can be seen on the aeriel image even better. Note: I hope you have the device recording a point every second, if possible.

(06 Apr '13, 09:17) andy mackey
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