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When I download the GPX file onto my Garmin Edge or onto MapMyRide website, it has extra connections from the start point or the finish point. The start point if often at the middle of the route, instead of one end of it. So the route ends up having extra zigzags and extra erroneous points and connections.

I tried the route editor in MapMyRide, but it didn't work.

How do I fix this? How do I get rid of the extra connections?

asked 04 Apr '13, 23:04

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It's not clear from your question how this relates to OpenStreetMap. Could you expand on this?

(04 Apr '13, 23:07) Richard ♦

Where did you download the GPX file from?

(05 Apr '13, 07:35) Jonathan Ben...

I downloaded the files from For example, please download the Mosel River or the Saar River, or even the Rhine River trails from After downloading, I dump directly to my Garmin Edge 800, or open it in MapMyRide or RideWithGPS websites. In addition to the route, itself, there are extra "connection lines" from the start point or finish point to elsewhere along the route. Also, the start point often is situated in the middle of the route, instead of one end of it. I don't think I am doing anything wrong, but there are obviously errors in the routes when downloaded.

(05 Apr '13, 15:06) smooshed

For example, this is a screen-capture image of what the Mosel River bike route look like. Note the extra lines and connections from Koblenz, the east end point of the route, to points in the middle of the route.

The entire bike route from Perl to Koblenz is supposed to be about 150 miles (240 km), but with these extra lines and connections, it comes up as over 250 miles long!

alt text

(05 Apr '13, 16:03) smooshed

This Q&A is primarily for map building, but a GPX file editor could be used to tidy it up.

(05 Apr '13, 18:40) andy mackey

I am really glad you made this response. IF this is indeed a forum of Q&A about map building, then PLEASE TAKE NOTE of my comment which points to a major problem with the OSM maps and the GPX files for the bike routes. The files are corrupted and have bad information in them.
Not all users of these maps are computer savvy, and people shouldn't have to clean up the files. What is the point of providing GPX files that have bad information in them?

(05 Apr '13, 21:40) smooshed

I'm not a computer pro either but doubt your "extra route connections" are created by OSM. I have seen similar traces created by my garmin by switching it off moving it a few K then turning it on, it just joins the last known point the the present location, When i first turned it on it had a line back to the garmin head quarters in USA.

(05 Apr '13, 22:13) andy mackey
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As @robbieonsea has pointed out, the files are perfectly valid. They comprise several distinct tracks (GPX 'trk' elements) within the one file, which are not ordered from start to end of the route - indeed, given that an OSM route can have branches and loops, it would be impossible for them to be consistently ordered. There is nothing in the GPX specification to require that one track starts where the last one ended.

So the files are not "corrupted". They are just not suitable for the purpose for which you're using them, and you are using software which appears to make assumptions not borne out by the GPX specification. But your use case is not the only one - so please don't claim that there are "obviously errors".

If you believe could provide more useful GPXs, then you can of course e-mail the maintainer and ask - nicely. But please be a little more humble than you have been here and try not to use phrases like "What is the point" and capital-letter shouting.

(For what it's worth, I've personally created linear, continuous .gpx track files of several UK cycle routes. The programming effort required to do this is not trivial, with lots of special-case logic required for roundabouts and the like, and it often requires significant manual cleanup of the data.)

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answered 06 Apr '13, 20:49

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Richard ♦
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edited 06 Apr '13, 21:02

Here is an exact reference to a GPX file for [D5] Saar-Mosel-Main:

From this specific GPX file we can see that there are multiple tracks within it. Generally GPX handling programs should not interpolate between tracks unless there is an specific option to do so. If any order is applied to the tracks it should be in the order they are in the GPX file.

I think this route is split into several sections due to parts going around roundabouts or other bits that are one way. I think the route relations in OSM should be continuous so that they can be composed as few tracks as possible.

Possibly it should have 'forward' and 'reverse' routes depending on the direction one is going in to cater for these subtle differences.

There was an extra bit here that shouldn't be part of the relation:

Update: Fixed OSM data here on 2013/04/13

Also in my opinion waymarkedtrails should actually be returning GPX routes not tracks!

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answered 06 Apr '13, 19:01

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edited 09 Apr '13, 19:28

Have you tried the Garmin software such as Basecamp or Mapsourse? it's free from the Garmin web site. You should be able to find an OSM map in the correct format that can be uploaded and displayed in either Basecamp or Mapsourse. They are designed for route planning and transferring data to and from your Garmin GPS. it may take a bit of time to get it working but once set-up it as the advantage that it can be used off line as well. You will find lots of information in the documentation on the OSM map page.

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answered 05 Apr '13, 23:13

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andy mackey
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It looks to me that the extra lines to either side of the trace are GPS tracks leading towards Cochum. A kind of build in mistake with the tracé back to the source. But it has nothing to do with OSM ! Shouldnt it therefore be removed ?

(06 Apr '13, 00:55) Hendrikklaas

With regard to the Mosel, I presume that you're talking about this relation. It looks OK to me.

Perhaps whatever software you're loading the GPX into is making some incorrect assumptions about the data? Maybe it's assuming that the data is ordered, when relation data generally isn't, although this one does seem to be. If you click "show more info" on the relation analyser page you can read what it's doing, which includes sorting the relation so that you don't see "links back to Koblenz".

If you want a sorted version of an unsorted relation, load it into JOSM and sort it there. You'll also find (using the relation analyser) that some relations in OSM aren't complete - there are gaps that haven't been mapped yet.

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answered 05 Apr '13, 22:27

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thank you Someone Else, and thank you Andy Mackey. Yes, there are other sources of bike routes, but most are shorter rides. The OSM bike routes at Waymarked Trails, seem to be the best and most comprehensive. For instance, the entire Rhine River bike route is there. The GPX files for each route download to my PC as one file, but they are actually made up of many smaller files for each segment of the entire bike route; some segments are only a few meters long. The GPX file, when converted to KML, opens fine in Google Maps and has no extra connections and extra lines. But Someone Else is correct: it is the order of these sub files that appear to cause the problem. I am not very tech savvy, but somehow the sub-files need to be arranged in the correct order (from start point, that is from one end of the route, to the other end) and then merged again into one file. I have not worked with JOSM, but I suppose I have to learn it, so as to make use of the GPX files at Waymarked Trails (OSM).

(06 Apr '13, 12:30) smooshed

When you download something from "waymarked trails" there's a number at the top of the box that displays the trail name. It would help if you could quote that here, as it indicates which relation in OSM you're referring to.

(06 Apr '13, 13:45) SomeoneElse ♦

This problem happens with ALL the bike routes I have downloaded. In response to SomeoneElse's comment, here are the routes I have tried: Mosel 4281, SAAR 107338, RHINE 2171555, Bodensee-Konigsee 2166895, Iller 12186, Algau 1997420.

All of these show fine in Googel Earth (kml file), but when downloaded directly to my Garmin Unit or when downloaded to MapMyRide or similar websites, there are extra connections. I suspect that's because the various sub-segments of the entire route are not in order, so the mid-point may become the start point, etc. MapMyRide allows limited Edit capability, but it is very time consuming. I will try JOSM. I hope there is an easier way for the public to make use of these GPX bike route files, as the Waymarked Trails is a great resource.

(06 Apr '13, 16:54) smooshed

I'd recommend editing the GPX files in the Open Source program Viking (

But I would do given that I'm the current maintainer of the program.

(09 Apr '13, 19:17) robbieonsea

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