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I noticed a weird data problem in my area on certain OSM tile renderings

See here (CloudMade):

and here (Cycle map):

If you look at the area of park between Lion Lane and Wey Springs, you will see the River Tigris labelled at the closest zoom level. The Tigris is a large river in the Middle East and definitely does not pass through my little town in Surrey, so something is wrong. I've had a look at the surrounding objects in Potlatch and also tried exporting that area as XML and searching for Tigris, but I can't see where this label comes from and that's as far as my OSM data knowledge goes.

Any suggestions for finding out where this is coming from? I have only seen it on those two renderings.

Thanks Helen

asked 04 Apr '13, 12:55

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I dug around a little, and the playground appears to have been added to the Tigris multipolygon relation in October 2011 - this is the relation in question. Not sure how that might have happened - either an editor bug, or clicking 'Add to relation' then 'Load relation' and typing 143 (though that seems unlikely!).

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answered 04 Apr '13, 15:14

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Richard ♦
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Looking at the raw data (through an editor or the data layer) is indeed a good way to make sure one hasn't overlooked something. If a feature appears neither in the raw data nor in the default map then it is very likely that it has long been deleted, and less-frequently-updating maps simply carry an afterglow of the object that once was there. (I briefly checked the edit history for the area and couldn't find any trace of that "river", but a thorough check involving a full history file could unearth the source of that label on the map.)

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answered 04 Apr '13, 13:59

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I think you'll find the cycle map has also rerendered and doesn't show it any more, if you clear your local cache.

(04 Apr '13, 14:10) EdLoach ♦

Thanks. Yes, it seems to have disappeared from the cycle map - I guess I'll wait a few days to see if it disappears from the other one too.

(04 Apr '13, 14:53) helenst

I'd give the Cloudmade one more than a few days - edits I've made weeks ago don't seem to show there, so perhaps they are still using CCBYSA data as they claim. I don't know how often they update their copy of the data.

(04 Apr '13, 15:19) EdLoach ♦

In addition to Frederick's answer, If you are using potlatch2 and want to find and contact the mapper you can. While in edit mode click on the way (or stream in this case) then click on advanced tab, it's at the bottom on tag box, then click on way number which is at the top of tag box and you will see some info about the way including the mapper click on the name and you get more info and you can send a message to them if you wish.

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answered 04 Apr '13, 15:05

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andy mackey
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Using JOSM it's even simpler

(04 Apr '13, 15:06) andy mackey

Except in this case whatever was causing it seems to be deleted, or at least none of the objects in the immediate vicinity of the label have such a name in their history. Using taginfo and JOSM all such labels are correctly assigned to the river. Potlatch 1 doesn't seem to show anything in the area as a deleted way either. I'm guessing it may have been relation related at some point as the area tagged as a slide seems to have rendered as an area of water.

(04 Apr '13, 15:16) EdLoach ♦

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