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My Question:

I thank SK53 for his help, however I've come back and answered my own question.

This leaves me with two options:

  • Leave it unanswered and clutter this site.


  • Accept SK53's answer and it is marked green thrown to the top making it harder for someone else to get the information they want.

Neither option seems reasonable.

Enabling Self Answering

Pros: Less clutter and easier to find answer

Cons: Perhaps people can gain useless points, SO doesn't give rep for self-acceptance.

I submit the pros far outweigh the cons.

asked 04 Apr '13, 06:51

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edited 04 Apr '13, 06:51

I think if you look at the unanswered tab you will see that there are many answered questions which haven't had an answer accepted, so the rare occasion when someone answers their own question won't add to this noticeably.

Looking at the OSQA post you mentioned, it is perhaps best to ask an admin to mark your answer as accepted for you, though looking around this site and the wiki I'm not sure who that would be here.

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answered 04 Apr '13, 09:03

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EdLoach ♦
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I wish more answers got accepted, it is a nice feedback to the person who gave some of his time to write a good answer.

I haven't noticed any "karma whoring" behaviour on this site, so I don't think it'd be an issue.

(08 Apr '13, 15:41) Vincent de P... ♦

"an admin" is now anyone with a reasonably amount of reputation here (over 10k I think). Just say "I've asnswered my own question" and some one will usually mark it as an accepted answer.

(11 Jul '16, 20:25) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: nearly: if I remember correctly our admin @tomh assigned "moderator" rights to a set of users (which resembled the top karma points users at that time).

(11 Jul '16, 21:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

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