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I tried searching the wiki and Google with no luck.

They are all over the place where I live there is one for every 1.5 suburbs. Some are called "Suburb1-Suburb2 RSL"

I'm conflicted in what to mark it as, I've been to a fair few; they all offer a TAB, pokies and other gambling, an awesome* bistro and a small bar.

Food is order at the counter pickup when ready.


name=Faketown RSL

Be a good way of tagging it?

Any help is much appreciated.

*Main reason I visit

asked 03 Apr '13, 09:33

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Edit: I found the answer!

Use: amenity=licensed_club

|     Key       |          Value           |
| amenity       | licensed_club            |
| licensed_club | au:rsl                   |
| name          | Coledale RSL             |
| bar           | yes                      |
| building      | yes                      |
| food          | yes                      |
| gambling      | yes                      |
| notes         | info sourced from survey |
| source        | bing                     |

Polygon was drawn over Bing. I plan to add as many that I can, there is one piece of data I would love to add: Required Membership boundary - one must become a member if they are within this area and wish to enter. I'm not sure what relations are so time to search the wiki.

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answered 04 Apr '13, 03:11

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amenity=licensed_club has 47 instances on taginfo: If these are all in Australia I would suggest that it might be better to use tags which are applicable more generally rather than fragmenting tagging by country. I notice we also have 13 amenity=working_mens_club. I so no reason why we should not use a single tag value for all the clubs discussed in this question.

(04 Apr '13, 10:59) SK53 ♦

RSLs are only one of the many types of licensed clubs in Australia. claim there are over 6,500 licensed clubs in Australia. I'm open to either (+1'd you because you have a good point) Is the Royal British Legion marked as social_club?

(06 Apr '13, 04:19) superduck

In principle the sensible tagging for these is amenity=social_club (291 instances on taginfo).

I presume these clubs are member organisations, even if membership can be obtained at entry. For ones which it is practical for any passer-by the make use of the facilities then as you suggest amenity=pub may be appropriate: although if you do use such tagging, add something else like social_club=yes to show that it is different from a proper pub.

This type of club is widespread in the UK (Royal British Legion, various forces associations), but I can also think of the Albanian club on Albulastrasse, Zurich, and the Casa do Benfica nearby on Mürtschenstrasse. Similarly I have mapped a pensioners club in Spain, Hogar del Pensionista Alcollarin, as a cafe because that seemed to be how it worked.

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answered 03 Apr '13, 10:35

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