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I am attempting to correct the fact that Nominatum fails to geolocate Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA. I am fully perplexed as to how to do this. Below is the result of my research.

Here is what I want the end result to be:,+los+angeles,+ca&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x80c2c73a7425883f:0xed2d053e27a4d706,Silver+Lake,+Los+Angeles,+CA&gl=us&ei=bApbUY6sCfS24APn14H4DA&ved=0CLQBELYD

When I go to and click edit, nothing exists about how to add a neighborhood, it's all physical points of interest (like businesses or landmarks).

According to this thread, you can't name regions. This thread is two years old and hopefully someone has changed their mind about this.

This entry suggests that neighborhoods are a concept, but doesn't indicate how you add one.

This website reportedly exists for bugs, but I cannot figure out if adding a bug here will do anything.

Trac exists for adding bugs, but this seems to be for technical bugs, not missing data. Moreover, I don't appear to have access to enter mapping bugs.

As I mentioned, I just want to be able to geolocate Silver Lake!



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If I understood you question correctly, you want to map a neighborhood ?

The correct tags for that are place=neighborhood and name=Silver Lake You can add a Wikipedia entry for it as well.

You can

I'm not so familiar with Potlach2, the editor that starts when you click edit. I just tried it out and it has a section 'Places', which contains the 'neighborhood' tag.

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Great thanks! I have just added in a neighborhood in Potlatch with this information.

(03 Apr '13, 04:59) esilverberg
(03 Apr '13, 08:42) EdLoach ♦

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