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Hi. Couple of years ago I created map of ski slopes for Andorra, and it soon appeared at Now I see some changes with this data in openstreetmap's editor (potlatch or JOSM), but they are not updating at openpiste for almost a year. Is OpenPisteMap project still alive? If not, how can I see piste maps - they are not showing on OpenStreetMap..

Thanks, Vladimir.

asked 26 Mar '13, 14:57

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Not a helpful answer, so I'm doing this as a comment: I see my cross country ski trail updates showing up on

Uses the same type of piste:whatever tagging as OpenPisteMap but it looks like it only picks up trails marked with piste:type=nordic so it won't help for alpine ski areas.

(26 Mar '13, 16:07) n76

on there is an email address:

webmaster at

Have you already tried to contact them?

(26 Mar '13, 17:02) stephan75

Thanks to all - youк links are what I was looking for. is more complicated, but also have all necessary information.

(27 Mar '13, 11:05) wolodik

you can accept the answers, it helps others to see which questions are most useful

(27 Mar '13, 11:11) SK53 ♦

On the website is does say "OpenPisteMap is currently experiencing some problems after migration to a new server. Please be patient while we resolve these issues."

However I seem to remember seeing this message at the very end of 2012 so at least a good 3 full months ago. If anyone has more detail on the status please update the Wiki ( I have added the current status.

(29 Mar '13, 09:28) robbieonsea shows some trails if they have been tagged correctly

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answered 27 Mar '13, 01:19

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Hi, shows Alpine pistes, too. And also ski jump, snowparks, ski playgrounds, sled pistes, snowshoes, skitour ...

The site will see a major upgrade and probably a name change soon.


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answered 26 Mar '13, 22:46

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Release early, release often.

There is a lot of work to do, it's not even a release yet, but tiles are here and data is updated daily.

(29 Mar '13, 13:35) yvecai

Note there is now a new alternative website - OpenSnowMap

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answered 06 Apr '13, 19:13

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accept rate: 16% has a link to the source code, so you'll be able to setup your own OpenPisteMap.

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answered 26 Mar '13, 15:16

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