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I am using this querry to extract road network used by cars: osmosis --read-xml niedersachsen.osm --tf accept-ways highway=* --tf reject-ways highway=pedestrian,footway,steps,cycleway,bridleway --tf reject-relations --used-node --write-xml niedersachsen_roadnetwork.osm

But still I need to find the start and end coordinates of the street and street name. Any suggestions? Maybe there is some other more efficient way.

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asked 26 Mar '13, 12:00

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Do you have programming experience?

(26 Mar '13, 14:53) gormo

Yes, I have basic knowlwdge of Python, c++

(26 Mar '13, 14:57) tfarooqi

Maybe if you read the source code of you would find some hints and pointers --- or maybe this is what you want anyway?

(26 Mar '13, 15:14) gormo

What kind of analysis you plan on doing on the data? This will be the determinant of the data structure you have to read your data into.

Also, be aware that one street may be mapped as multiple connecting ways, and similar street names may occur in different cities.

I don't know if the first node appearing inside

<way id="126879680" user="KartoGrapHiti" uid="57645" visible="true" version="1" changeset="9072314" timestamp="2011-08-20T09:01:54Z">
<nd ref="1405376824"/>
<nd ref="1405376826"/>
<nd ref="1405376827"/>
<nd ref="1405376829"/>
<nd ref="1405376832"/>
<tag k="highway" v="service"/>
<tag k="oneway" v="yes"/>

is actually the start of the way, for whatever constitutes the start of a street for you.

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answered 26 Mar '13, 14:52

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I have a database of geo position, and I want to map these coordinates to the nodes(coordinates) of the link/route/street present in the map. For this I have to identify the link, which I think can be done if I find the start and end coordinates of the link/route/street

(26 Mar '13, 15:01) tfarooqi

Just for clarification: you don't want to take the actual course of the street into account, just a line-of-sight-connection between the start and end node of the street? So, for a street shaped like a "C", you would get a line that does not resemble the actual street in any way?

Your question is more of a general GIS question and not one specific to OSM. I would suggest you asked it at .

(26 Mar '13, 15:10) gormo

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