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Until recently (last week) it was possible to download OSM data from the map page by selecting the button "Export", then chosing the area and the format (JPEG, PNG or OSM). Until yesterday this "Export-button" has disappeared. How to download OSM-data now ?

Thanks for having a look into this matter. Fred-1

asked 24 Mar '13, 12:16

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What browser? Do all browsers show the same problem? Does this link work?

(24 Mar '13, 12:36) scai ♦

Many thanks for your reply. My browser is Internet Explorer 8. As I never have changed my browser, I do not know if this problem shows also with other browsers. But malenki and stephan75 replied, that it worked correct on their computer. Your link worked. I were lead to a map of Dresden and were able from there to navigate to my place Berlin and to download. Do you have an idea, what I have to change on my computer to get the export button back ?
Thanks Fred

(24 Mar '13, 15:13) Fred-1

Unfortunately I have no idea, Fred. All browsers I have tested show the Export tab (IE8, FF, Opera, Chromium).

(25 Mar '13, 07:09) scai ♦

Hello Fred, can you create a screenshot of your browser with the missing export tab? and upload it somewhere and give us a link so we can investigate further?

(25 Mar '13, 20:16) stephan75

Still works here...

permanent link

answered 24 Mar '13, 12:24

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same here, still works ... try to clear browser cache!

(24 Mar '13, 12:54) stephan75

For info I still see the export button in IE8:

Partial screenshot showing export button

(24 Mar '13, 16:06) SomeoneElse ♦

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