I downloaded the current All_in_one_Garmin_map for EUROPE = the file gmapsupp.img to my PC and transferred it to my Garmin etrex Vista Hcx. I cannot find either a way nor a file to transfer the similar map to Garmin BaseCamp. Who can help?

asked 23 Mar '13, 13:06

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Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I have to correct my description of my question, because I didn't transfer it to my Garmin etrex yet. Now, after the successful transfer to the PC, I tried it to do. But it didn't work: because I got the fault indication that the file (6,49 GB) ist too big for the device (extern memory card 16 GB). Is there another way to get this large EU-file into Garmin BaseCamp for routing or for the transfer of parts/sections from the EU-file to the device?

(23 Mar '13, 19:18) tuzzilinga

Thank you for your help. I tested the first suggestion anc copied some files into a new folder "osmmap", e.c. 70013010.img, 70013011.img, 70013042 as well as osmmap.img, osmmap.mdx, osmmap.tbd and osmmap_mdr.img. Than I started BaseCamp. But BaseCamp don't identify "osmmap". Did I forget sth.? To your second suggestion: I installed gmaptool.eu. The first try didn't work; I should read some informations about using the program first. gw tuzzilinga

(23 Mar '13, 20:48) tuzzilinga

These instructions may help http://talkytoaster.info/ukmaps.htm

(23 Mar '13, 23:18) andy mackey

I also have the same device and on a Windows PC I connected the device via USB with the device in mas storage mode (set-up, interface,usb mass storage). Then in Basecamp click device and receive from device. I think when I first did it the OSM map and the base map were there to transfer. I also found when I connected a NUVI 1310t the road map could be used on my PC but only while the NUVI was connected. I have just retried it and you will also have to click maps, map product and hopefully you will have one or two to choose from.

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andy mackey
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You can either download the parts of which the map is assembled here or split the gmapsupp.img with gmaptool.eu.
Though I never tried Basecamp the split map worked like charm with QLandkarteGT or Mapsource. With the two latter programs I could create gmapsupp.img's of the parts of the map I needed.


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answered 23 Mar '13, 19:23

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