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Good afternoon,

I am writing to You on behalf of the students' group from Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga" in Chisinau. We are a group of initiative students engaged in the project supported by the German Academic Exchange Project DAAD. The goal of our project is to publish a guide book of Chisinau for German-speakers who work or study in Chisinau. These guide books will be in the possession of German Embassy in Chisinau and will be given free of charge. Only a limited circle of people will be able to get it- such as diplomats, exchange students and volunteers from Germany. They will not be sold anywhere, so our project is a Non-Profit project supported only by DAAD.

In this connection we have the following question: Are we allowed to use screenshots of OpenStreetMap of Chisinau? Do You allow us to change the screenshots by adding the marks on the places of interest? Please note that this guide book will not be sold or distributed for fee.

We expect Your reply, Iulia Horonco Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga" Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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A pity that this guide book will only be available to a small circle of people. Will there be a pdf-version available for download? I would be highly interested in it, but don't qualify as a recipient for the printed version :(

(21 Mar '13, 12:51) moszkva ter

Yes, you are very welcome to use the osm data and rendering for your project. The only thing we ask is that you give credit OSM. If you are printing a guide book, credit is typically printed either on each map, below each map, or at the end of the book with all the other credits and references.

Note that wether you sell your guide book or not, how many people see it or what you do with the data in general doesn't mater : as long as you give credit, do not relicence the data, and do not abuse the server resources, we're happy to see the data being used.

And of course, do not hesitate to contribute to osm by improving the map of Chisinau, if you see anything that can be improved :)

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answered 20 Mar '13, 22:23

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"is that you give credit to OSM" ...and also ensure that people are aware of the licence(s).

(21 Mar '13, 08:18) Andy Allan

Dear Julia, thanks for wanting to use OSM!

You will not get legally binding advice here (lawyers can provide such). However, the facts are pretty clear, and answered many times (not legally binding) on this help site (you can search for previous questions and answers or have a look at the related questions (right panel) or click on the tags).

In short: Everybody is allowed and even encouraged to use and modify OSM's data - also for commercial uses. However that allowance is with restrictions/conditions. Please see OSM copyright and legal FAQ for the restrictions. I am sure that these restrictions (that is, most importantly, a specific credit) are totally acceptable for you.

Please use the "add a comment" link below this answer to comment on this specific answer. If you want to add clarifying info to your question please use the "edit" link below it.

Best wishes for your project!

A off-topic, technical sidenote: you can use the export function instead of taking screenshots.

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answered 20 Mar '13, 22:14

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