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Are they official OSM Partners?

The reason I ask is that in my area of Girona, Spain (and possibly elsewhere), Navigation is quite difficult because the map is peppered with obsolete place names. I say obsolete because they belong in antiquity. They are merely place names of fields or farmhouses which once meant something to someone but not anymore. They even take precedence over place names of real towns and real villages, ridiculous.

When looking at the map in NE Spain ( i.e. N42.15, E2.81 for example) at zoom level 15, they overwhelm the map and obscure everything else. I get so frustrated that I am tempted to delete the lot but they are accompanied by a comment : NOTE - If you change this node, please, report to nomenclatorign at gmail dot com. Thank you.

Somebody has obviously spent a lot of time entering all of this detail, but I feel that they are hijacking OSM for their own purpose at the expense of other users.

Ideas greatly welcomed.


asked 19 Mar '13, 17:23

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Here's an example node, and here is the wiki page for the import.

(19 Mar '13, 17:28) SomeoneElse ♦

Have you written to with your difficulty? You may clarity!

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answered 29 Mar '13, 19:29

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Many thanks for your continued comments everybody. I may just make contact with nomenclatorign together with a screengrab of the impact of their entries on my screen (particularly navigating by smartphone) and see what their response is.

(30 Mar '13, 20:22) AliOnHols

If you are sure they are not correct then feel free to either correct them or delete them. The aim is to have up-to-date map data that is verifiable on the ground. You do not need to notify anyone about any of your edits. If someone is interested in your changes it is up to them to monitor the situation - there are tools available to do that. If you are sure, be bold, make that change!

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answered 28 Mar '13, 17:22

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If there's a note with an email in the tags, although a bit inappropriate, it could be considered polite to contact, don't you think ? :)

(28 Mar '13, 18:14) yvecai

I think it is impolite to expect future editors to contact the importer. There are methods to monitor anything someone is interested in. Why risk someone not contacting the importer? We are all free to add and edit anything reasonable to OSM with no strings attached.

(28 Mar '13, 18:41) ChrisH

This is a data set of the the Spanish Instituo Geografico Nacional (IGN). Several (not necessarily very useful) imports have been made from this source, including, to my knowledge, triangulation points: the latter have strict instructions on each node telling you not to move them.

The import is described on the wiki , and on the talk-es mailing list.

I'm not in a position to assess their accuracy or whether these names are in current usage for areas where I have mapped, but they do appear to be related 1:1 to names in oblique type on the IGN 25k maps viewable on the Signa portal, and thus probably do get used. The tagging as place=locality also seems to be appropriate.

Nor do I know why changes to nodes should be fed back to the IGN: although in part it may be seeking to crowd-source changes to data which was probably (as you infer) collected a long time ago.

As with many other imports many tags are unnecessary and even redundant (co-ordinates in different projections).

In summary, although the data has been imported and shows signs of not having been thought through, it appears to be the type of data which has a place in OSM. Therefore deleting the nodes to improve rendered appearance is ultimately 'tagging for the renderer'. If you dislike the appearance of the Mapnik layer with locality rendered the best option is to create your own rendering rules.

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answered 19 Mar '13, 19:08

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If they are obsolete, then perhaps change name to old_name (and if you do a number in a single changeset, email the address as requested quoting the changeset number).

(20 Mar '13, 09:49) EdLoach ♦

Many thanks for your answers and suggestions SK53 & EdLoach. If deleting them is a no-no, probably best if I learn to live with them. There are too many nodes to change (if a do a few I'll feel obligated to do them all) and creating my rendering rules sounds scary.

Thanks once again.

(21 Mar '13, 18:56) AliOnHols

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