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I am new to openstreetmap. I have followed the below url to create a first sample application that displays the map.


I have few queries like

we can create openstreetmap using google api,openlayer.js and other libraries. (Please correct me if I am incorrect). So if this is correct, which is the best option to work with.

To display a map and plot data on the map based on lat long abd create shapes on it (like polygons , polylines) and other shapes how we can achieve that and whether that is possible using OpenstreetMap.

Also what is the difference between OpenStreetMaps and OpenStreetMaps API

Please help me.

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A simple starting point is Leaflet (quick start guide).

If you have to do more complex things, use OpenLayers.

And there are other alternatives like KHTML.


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You can find more information about using OpenStreetMap at

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OpenStreetMap is the name of the project (notice: no "s"). The OpenStreetMap API is the interface through which editor software (and, to a small degree, other programs) can directly access the OpenStreetMap database; most users of OpenStreetMap will not use the API but one of the derived products, for example display tiles from the tile server, or download data dumps to load into their own database.

OpenLayers, Leaflet, the Google API, and others are not part of the OpenStreetMap project; they are just JavaScript libraries that take a standardised set of map tiles and make them visible in a browser. (There are similar libraries for Java, Flash, and other programming languages.) Which of these you use is basically a matter of taste. All three libraries mentioned do support vector layers onto which you can draw arbitrary objects; exactly how you achieve this differs between the libraries.

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