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Hi, I'm a newbie here and recently I started tu read about osmdroid for develop an android app using OSM but I need to use the transpor layer of my country for obtain routes (subway routes) and I don't know if it's possible to do that. I'd like to get the info about the coordinates,etc. of the subway routes.

Thanks in advance ;)

asked 14 Mar '13, 19:04

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From your description I conclude that you are actually interested in the transport data and not the transport layer. The transport layer is just one possible representation of the data and contains only a subset of the original information. You will have a hard time getting things like coordinates, station names etc. from a rendered image.

To obtain the actual data you can either get the whole planet or a specific extract which seems better suited for your case. Another possibility is to download only the data relevant for your specific purpose by using the Overpass API. The big advantage is that you have to retrieve and process way less data than with a full extract.

OSM's data currently consists of three different element types: nodes, ways and relations. These elements have additional tags used to describe them. The elements and tags you are interested in are described in our wiki and particularly consist of route relations and public transport tags.

To extract these specific objects from the data you can either use osmosis/osmfilter when having the full planet or an extract, or directly pass your filter to the previously mentioned Overpass API.

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answered 15 Mar '13, 08:10

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