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I downloaded a few country maps from .. I downloaded the Windows installer (EXE file). However, when I install map A followed by map B, then map B will clear map A. So I can only use 1 country at a time and need to reinstall each time I want to use the map of another country? Furthermore I cannot plan cross-border trips? What am I doing wrong?


PS: I also tried manually selecting tiles, but then the Windows installer (EXE file) seems to be missing?? OK - apparently the maximum is 2GB, if it is bigger then the EXE is missing.

PS 2: OK, found the answer partially in the FAQ. I have used JaVaWaGMTK to change the ID / Map name / Map folder of the first map before installing the second map. However, now I have two maps in BaseCamp while I actually want the two maps to merge. Is this possible?

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What Garmin device do you have? Some support maps coexisting, some don't.

(13 Mar '13, 13:33) SomeoneElse ♦

I suspect the answer is going to be to manually select tiles and make sure that you select less than 2Gb. Would that work?

An alternative would be to use mkgmap to create and download your own maps (that's a bit more work, but you have more control over file sizes etc. doing it that way).

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Good to see you found the FAQ :)

Merging maps is possible, but you will need to generate a new overview map to reflect the added tiles. Mkgmap can generate an overview map, but is an commandline tool. Other tools can do this as well, like GPSMapEdit or GMapTool.

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answered 04 Apr '13, 17:32

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