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I've only used OpenStreetMap lightly in the past.

Today I took another look at a suburb in Sydney, Australia.

There are no street names in the suburb.

As far as I can recall the names were there in the past.

The suburb is Davidson, NSW, Australia. (For example see 151.18488,-33.74079,151.19662,-33.73321.)

I've only checked in two browsers (FF19 and an IE).

I've now signed up so that I can establish what has happened.

Some questions:

1) Is this sort of thing common?

2) How do I "run time backwards" through the history / Source-Control tool to see when this happened, and how?

3) How do I reverse the change (assuming it is an accessible change) that did this?

asked 12 Mar '13, 06:38

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Mike Gale
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What you are seeing is nearly 100% sure to be due to the removal of some incompatible data during the licence change in 2012. While overall the amount of data that was affected was quite small, we did/do have a number of hot spots and Sydney was one of them. Most of the roads have been recreated by tracing them from aerial imagery, whith the result that they are currently missing names, access restrictions etc.

The really simple thing to do is to resurvey the relevant street names. I would further suggest coordinating with fellow mappers in the region via the talk-au list.

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answered 12 Mar '13, 07:22

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks for that Simon.

I've added some street names using Potlatch with minimal additional information. Is that what you mean by "resurvey the relevant street names"?

I'll assume that's an artifact of the license change, which answers another concern of mine. (That this sort of thing is fairly common and will persist indefinitely...)

(12 Mar '13, 08:49) Mike Gale

"resurvey" determine by whatever means, you may already know what a road is called (that tends to be unreliable though), take a georefernced photograph, write it down on a piece of paper, etc. what the name of road is and then add it back to OSM, for example by using Potlatch.

And: welcome to the OSM contributor community!

(12 Mar '13, 08:58) SimonPoole ♦

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