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There is a problem with misusing name tag to map node types instead of proper nouns. Can I somehow setup a notification for new nodes with name=some_type ?

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asked 12 Mar '13, 01:17

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That's a good idea to improve data quality.

Please have a look at

Another approach would be to call from your browser once a day or more often a link like[out:json];node[name=some_type];out;

It will list all nodes that exist with the given tag. For example[out:json];node[name=highway];out;

has two hits.

As in your case most likely no legitimate case exists, you can work by hand through all found objects and correct their tags.

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answered 12 Mar '13, 07:34

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The Firefox addon Update Scanner may be useful for automatic scanning the overpass result page for changes. Be SURE to set the scan interval to daily or even weekly to avoid unnecessary load on the server. Maybe using IFTTT would be another option.

(12 Mar '13, 20:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you have a little Unix command line skills, it is easy to do:

  • use Osmosis with the --rri task to download all changes since you last ran the program;
  • run the result past the "oscgrep" program ( using the flags -a create -t node to search only for new nodes, and the flag -r 'k="name" v="Toilet"' to find those where this tag has been used.

Please do not use such a mechanism to indiscriminately "fix" things the world over; such editing would be subject to the Mechanical Edit Policy and you would have to achieve community consenus on whether your edits are desirable first.

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answered 12 Mar '13, 07:42

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