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I've tried "toilet" in different languages but it shows only incorrectly mapped toilets.

asked 10 Mar '13, 19:06

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edited 12 Mar '13, 01:29

If you mean the search box on the home page at www.openstreetmap.org have you tried "toilet near <place>" (which seems to work for me).

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answered 10 Mar '13, 19:20

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EdLoach ♦
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Yes, it works, thanks :) frowns any alias for "near my location"? Can't find it skimming through the wiki page for Nominatim

(10 Mar '13, 21:11) int_ua

this should work - but for some reason doesn't: "toilets near [-1.48,53.39]" I'll have a look at why it is broken.

(10 Mar '13, 23:49) twain

to twain: One major drawback: it's not an alias. It would be tolerable if OSM showed coordinates somewhere, but in current state it's not comfortable at all. Anyway, I appreciate the info :)

(11 Mar '13, 20:09) int_ua

The overpass-turbo interface is also really nice for that kind of search. Put key=amenity and value=toilets in the search box. It defaults to searching in the currently-visible bbox. Example here.

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answered 11 Mar '13, 12:33

Vincent%20de%20Phily's gravatar image

Vincent de P... ♦
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I must be doing something wrong. Like this: "key=amenity value=toilets"? Also, it combined the warning about blocked cookies with "Browser not supported" which is highly misleading. But I'm not in the mood to file a bug report yet.

(11 Mar '13, 20:02) int_ua

Oh, I had to press the "Run" button. Not really obvious.

(11 Mar '13, 20:04) int_ua

But the answer is very helpful anyway, thanks :)

(11 Mar '13, 20:10) int_ua

Click "Wizard" button and type amenity=toilets, then "build and run query"

(01 Mar '19, 20:24) Mappist

Another options are:


Some bug in window size detection, try resizing your browser window if you see yellow background.

openstreetmap.ru (Russian only)

POI -> Услуги (third from the end) -> Туалет (second from the end)

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answered 12 Mar '13, 04:28

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edited 12 Mar '13, 04:29

(11 Jun '18, 10:20) Richlv
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