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Just noticed that the opencyclemap no longer renders mtb routes anymore (the green thin lines) when zoomed out. Anybody know why? i couldn't find any updates or info on this and i use this functionality a lot. Currently missing it :o(



asked 08 Mar '13, 03:46

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Originally OpenCycleMap treated any route with "mtb=yes" as a signed mountain biking route, in the same way it treats "ncn=yes", "rcn=yes" or "lcn=yes" as being part of signed national, regional and local routes. Additionally, you can tag signed routes with the appropriate route relations, and OCM picks them up too.

Unfortunately the meaning of "mtb=yes" has been re-interpreted by many mappers to more of an access tag - e.g. highway=path,mtb=yes meaning that mountain bikes are permitted (or, often it's about suitability rather than permission) but losing any indication that there's a mountain biking route. This meant that in some places (especially around the Swiss/German border) vast tracts of paths and tracks were getting the route highlighting; none of them were signed mountain biking routes. I changed the rendering a few weeks ago.

So if you have a signed route, please use a route relation. They're much better supported, and much more widely used, than when I last reworked the mtb rendering in OCM.

As a random aside, you can tell how long since I last thought about it - the green route highlighting clashes with the green landscape in many areas, since the mtb highlighting predates the use of hillcolouring in OCM!

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answered 08 Mar '13, 09:16

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Andy Allan
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I couldn't find the repository for the OpenCycleMap stylesheet (maybe it is not publicly available) but I can confirm that MTB routes are only rendered from zoom level 12 on compared to regular cycle routes which already start to show at zoom level 5. I suggest to contact Andy Allan (the author) directly.

An alternative is to use the MTB map from waymarkedtrails which also shows additional information about specific routes.

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answered 08 Mar '13, 07:49

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