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Due to a misclick my name was registered under an invalid mail ( instead To recover the mistake I am now registered as Attilio_Romita and the true mail Please would you cancel the wrong registration so I can use my real name, as I am known on the net, it is Attilio_A_Romita. Thanks for help and cooperation.

asked 07 Mar '13, 11:50

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I don't understand the problem. First of all: where did you register? If you mean - then just sign in and change the email?! Please edit your question or comment. Note: I am no admin. Note2: you may want to remove your mail addresses here for spam protection.

(07 Mar '13, 17:42) aseerel4c26 ♦

I try to be more clear. 1. I want cancel the account - name Attilio_A_Romita ( mail wrong, gmaili instead of gmail) 2. after the cancellation (step 1), I can change my name on the rigth account

Question: How can cancel an account that was created but not registrated?

Thanks for help and cooperation

(07 Mar '13, 18:52) Attilio_A_Ro...

Ah, okay, I understand: you entered a wrong email (and the correct user name) but you cannot sign in (as I proposed in my first comment) since the account is not activated (via email). You also cannot change your display name of the working account since the desired display name is blocked by the half registration (I tested that).

I guess such not-activiated registrations are cancelled after some amount of time (e.g. two weeks). Yes, that is no solution for you - indeed you need a manual deletion of the non-activated account (with the wrong email address). Please send an email to the admins asking for deletion of the not-activated account Attilio_A_Romita: See FAQ#How can I close my account? for the address. You may insert a link/URL to this conversation.

Last but not least: Welcome and have fun contributing to OSM! :-)

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answered 07 Mar '13, 21:55

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