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Hi, I'm looking for a way to make an embedded map on a website with highlighted route from point A to B. the easiest way would be to make a screenshot of the map from, but my supervisor insists on making an interactive map (with zooming and everything). I've looked for a way to do it for quite some time, but didn't find anything useful.

In summary I'm trying to do something like this, GoogleMaps vs OSM

asked 07 Mar '13, 09:17

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Sorry, but I've messed up the last link. it should look like this

(07 Mar '13, 09:20) artii1989

@artii1989's comment: fixed with the "edit" function.

(07 Mar '13, 11:52) aseerel4c26 ♦

Just for clarification (probably only for other readers of this question): does not provide routing functionality, it does not even provide a map service for everyone/every use.

I guess you could find a service that offers an embeddable map with routing function at List_of_OSM_based_Services#Routing. E.g. (oh, interesting, it looks as if this code example misses the required OSM credit and license). Update: I found an ''easy'' way (probably of many): go to , make your route, and then click "Send to" button and select "to your website". Example route (would be inside an iframe usually)./Update

Please look for licensing and usage restrictions for each service.

Please mention it here (as "answer") if you found a service/solution for your problem.

permanent link

answered 07 Mar '13, 12:10

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Thank you for your time and sorry for all the mistakes that I've made so far (like not noticing the edit button (-_-) )

(07 Mar '13, 12:32) artii1989

@artii1989: You're welcome! However, I guess someone else might have a much better answer than mine - e.g. a service which offers an <iframe> service (like in your code example). So, I would not "accept" my question, by now. ;-)

(07 Mar '13, 12:46) aseerel4c26 ♦

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