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Many shops and other amenities (of a wide variety of types) may sell alcoholic drinks as part of their product mix, without it being their main product line. Examples might include Department Stores, Cafes, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Newsagents, Fast Food outlets, Bingo Halls, Bowling Alleys, etc. Similarly many, but not all, restaurants sell such drinks. In all these cases the tag shop=alcohol is not appropriate.

In the UK all such places need a license which is issued by the local authority: similar licensing regimes apply in other countries. This question is prompted by an open data file from the local council which includes a comprehensive list of such places.

The tag [alcohol=*][1] which is probably the most appropriate for this tagging issue has only been used 136 times. Is this the best way to address tagging this issue?

For cases where the restaurant does not have a license, but one is allowed to consume alcohol purchased beforehand, how should this be tagged?

asked 01 Mar '13, 11:28

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I did ask the Australian list a couple of years ago (where "bring your own" restaurants are more common than the UK) - see this thread.

(01 Mar '13, 11:40) SomeoneElse ♦
(01 Mar '13, 12:07) SK53 ♦
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NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum