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I'll be crossing all the Appennini mountains and I need to arrange some waypoints so to have a basic track for the trek. Does anybody knows how to do it? Thanks in advance for the cooperation.

asked 28 Feb '13, 08:58

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There are a number of websites that let you draw a track on top of OSM based maps. Some of these are listed here: Track drawing websites

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answered 28 Feb '13, 14:25

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For preparing my trips I use QLandkarteGT. I collected POI I wanted to visit and partly created routes of them. All the data I uploaded to my Garmin device. Now it could calculate the created routes or routes to a single prepared POI.
Example screenshot
[edit:] Of course QLandkarteGT also can calculate routes and convert them to tracks if needed.

Of course it would be nice of you to enhance OSM after your trip. :)


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answered 09 Mar '13, 14:46

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You can get the latitudes and longitudes of way points while using the editors JOSM or Potlatch2 but I do not know how you could store them, but you can just write them down. If you have a Garmin you could download and install Garmin Basecamp and find a prebuilt OSM download for the Garmin or Basecamp. Basecamp will display on your PC the map that is installed on the Garmin device while it is connected. You can then build a route and print it, and/or export it to your Garmin. Basecamp should install for free even without a garmin device, as far as I know. I use Basecamp and with my Nuvi 1390t connectted I have the choice of the city navigator map(garmin) or the OSM map that I have installed on it.

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answered 09 Mar '13, 19:48

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andy mackey
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Hi Ilbranca, It’s not done to post your own waypoints for a hike on the OSM basic map. But you could map your intended trail while you’re at home on a map based on OSM, store it and take the phone or GPS etc with you on the trail as a guide. You could find some links and advice at the OSM platform searching for track storage and waypoints etc. happy trail

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answered 28 Feb '13, 11:39

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