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I was trying to kill some bugs today using OSM Inspector and came across several errors. They are in work I had done so I'm particularly interested in understanding what's wrong and then fixing them.

If someone with a little experience could take a look and help that process along, be my guest.

Please have a look at Way: 200735915 marked as a "single-node in way" by OSM Inspector

Also, this one having the same error message: way_id: 71401599 node_id: 217690300


asked 25 Feb '13, 10:13

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You can look specifically at individual ways on the main OSM site as follows:

Only the former appears to have a single node. This occurs from time to time (but rather rarely in my experience).

The solution is to use JOSM. There are options available in the search panel of JOSM which enable selection of individual ways by number, or ways with a specific number of nodes. Once the relevant ways have been found they can be deleted and removed from OSM.

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answered 25 Feb '13, 10:23

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SK53 ♦
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I think I could fix them if I could identify them. JOSM for all its power is not the easiest piece of s/w to use IMHO. It is powerful but to me, counter-intuitive.

I'll keep trying....

(25 Feb '13, 11:36) AlaskaDave

Er, another comment on JOSM. It has a Fix tool. I tried it and it worked, I think.

(25 Feb '13, 11:56) AlaskaDave

There's no particular need to use JOSM; you can delete single-node ways in Potlatch 2.

  • Use the link from the way 'browse' page (as above) to open Potlatch 2 for that area. The way will be in the centre of the screen, though won't display.
  • Shift-drag to draw a box around the (non-displaying) way. The panel on the left will change to show the details of the way.
  • Use the 'delete' toolbar button, or press shift-Delete, to delete the way. Save.
(25 Feb '13, 17:18) Richard ♦

@Richard: Interesting - but holding shift while dragging simply drags the map in Potlatch2 as if I would not hold shift. Linux - if that matters.

(25 Feb '13, 23:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

FWIW on Windows it's control-drag to select in P2. If the node is part of other ways control-drag will select them too, but clicking on the node and pressing "/" will cycle through the ways until single-node one is selected, and you can then delete it.

(26 Feb '13, 01:36) SomeoneElse ♦

There are trac entries 4378 and 3380 that describes one possible route by which they might have been created (there are quite possibly also others).

In this case (where they've occurred in your mapping) you'll obviously check that any tags on these single node ways that should be applied to adjoining ways do get applied, so you're obviously the best person to fix them.

Sometimes, however, tools such as OSMI will draw your attention to issues such as single-node ways in other people's mapping. In that case I'd suggest that (if they're still actively mapping) you contact the original mapper so that they can (a) not create any more and (b) ensure that any tags on these single-node ways are applied to the ways that they really belong to. What I wouldn't do is just "correct" an error remotely as best as you can without the knowledge that the original mapper had.

Sometimes the fact that an error is flagged up by e.g. OSMI is a really useful indicator of somewhere that needs more surveying, or of a relatively new mapper that needs assistance.

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answered 25 Feb '13, 10:45

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SomeoneElse ♦
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edited 25 Feb '13, 12:55

Well, I have looked at both of those errors until I'm seeing double but could not identify the "single node way". I removed and redrew the footbridge in way 200735915 and made sure to join the three footway segments again. That might work, we'll see.

I'm still confused about the other error. I have no idea where the single node way is. Should all those ways be Joined to the roundabout?

(25 Feb '13, 11:26) AlaskaDave

Sorry, got confused again. A different error in a different way.

I guess I'll struggle with it for a bit longer. I'll come back for more help if I need it.


(25 Feb '13, 11:44) AlaskaDave

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