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I am working with several military buildings tagged as bunker and I want to specify them to the period they belong to, with several options, how to do ? As historic: period - WWI or 14-18 or 1914-1918 or The Great War, but if it’s the Great war (TGW), how to tag WWII as the little War ? Or every war that’s been sighted on this planet or is it better to use the terms, for instance 39-45, and so on until the actual Mali War in Africa ? The terms WW I and WW II might have been used as tag before but there’s no trace of the dates or likely terms to be found as a tag or value. Greetz

asked 24 Feb '13, 16:03

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Looking at taginfo for historic:period, most of the values use a name instead of a year range. But I'd say the reason is that that they all date back to many centuries ago, when giving a precise date becomes troublesome. In the case of WWI / WWII, the dates are quite clear (you can probably even narrow it down for the features you are tagging, for examplei if you know the year the bunker was constructed in), so there is no point in using a hard-to-parse textual name for the "period".

Use a full year range (1914-1918) whenever you can, as it is unambiguous and paseable. I'd especially advise against using a value like "the great war" which could mean a number of different wars depending on who you ask.

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answered 25 Feb '13, 10:27

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Disclaimer: I am a poor student of history.

(25 Feb '13, 10:29) Vincent de P... ♦

Hi Vincent it doesnt mather, but I looked at the historic periods for a tag, but no results. Therefor I frased the so (UK & others) called Great War and Ill hesitate to say the war is from 1940 until 1945, in Holland but the second World War has World Wide picture. I expected the Japonese declared war at China much earlier, so for China it could be 1939 or earlier since Japan made Mantsjoerije into a vazal state. And yes I know the period of building of my subjects, but I ment the question to be more general, therefor the frase Great War for WWI !

(25 Feb '13, 12:57) Hendrikklaas

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