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Hello, I miss an icon for the POI "winery".

I think there are a lot of tourist interested in that kind of tourism, to visit wineries along the journey.

Is there any icon or is it possible to insert a new one for it by the management of OSM to be used of us mappers?

Thanks very much and hope to hear from you soon. Katrin of simply walter

Update for clarification: here (Potlatch 2 editor) I can't find an icon for winery

asked 24 Feb '13, 15:40

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simply walter
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Presumably you're referring to the lack of an icon for "winery" in OpenStreetMap's online editor (called "Potlatch").

There isn't an icon for everything, because there's only a certain amount of space that can be filled with icons before the number that you'd have to choose from would become cumbersome. There's also no fixed tagging scheme - mappers can invent new tags to map things if they need to.

In cases such as this you'll need to search to see what other mappers have used when mapping wineries. You can use taginfo to do this. There are a few hundred references to winery and shop=wine, and quite a lot more for vineyard. OpenStreetMap tends to use English rather than American terms for things, and "winery", whilst understood in England, is probably less used than "vineyard".

The advantages of having no fixed tags is that mappers map things that would otherwise not get mapped at all. The disadvantage is that sometimes they might pick different tags (shop=wine, man_made=winery, etc.) to do so. However, anyone making e.g. a Garmin map of a wine area would know that they wanted to show wineries, would make sure that they'd looked to see what people had mapped wineries as, and ensure that they are shown on the map.

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answered 24 Feb '13, 18:19

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Here in California there is a significant difference between all the miles of vineyard in production (seems like most of the state at times), a wine shop, and a winery. When people speak of a winery they are generally referring to a facility that has a tasting room. This does seem like a tourism=* tag is appropriate.

However I've seen tasting rooms that are not at the actual wine production facility (winery) or where the winery and tasting rooms are not at the vineyards.

Suggest tourism=wine_tasting would be a reasonable tag. Though there are is not such tagging a present.

(17 Oct '13, 15:11) n76

I cannot find an icon for winery either, but there are several mapped as a nominatim search reveals. You could use a polygon for the area or buildings like this one, as I assume you know.

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answered 24 Feb '13, 16:11

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andy mackey
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If the winery has an associated vineyard (the above example seems to have an orchard) then that also renders: or

(24 Feb '13, 16:16) EdLoach ♦

Thanks Andy. This could be an idea but I think without icon it will never become a POI to be shown on an international navigation system like TomTom, Garmin a.s.o because in the several states "winery" is called in differnt ways (Weingut in German, cantina in italiano...) but the icon can be conected with every system to recognize it like a Point of Interest for winelovers. I fear that only name an area can't do he same like an icon. Excuse all for my English, it is'nt very good and I hope I could explain what I mean. K.

(24 Feb '13, 16:21) simply walter

I have had a quick look at this and you may be able to suggest a new icon, sorry I'm short of time and haven't checked it out.

(24 Feb '13, 16:33) andy mackey

Looking in other questions and answers I've found this one: but I did'nt understand it yet ... because I never insert something in a map yet (I registered only some hours ago). Maybe I have to try it. Or is here someone, how can explane me it in German or Italian? Nice Sunday-evening to all, K

(24 Feb '13, 16:37) simply walter

@simply water: "answers" are meant as answers to the original question - please use the "comment" function instead. (@SomeoneElse converted the comments accordingly in the meantime)

(24 Feb '13, 17:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

excuse aseere14c26 I'm new here :O +++ thanks to Edloach and Andy M. +++ here I can't find an icon for winery (I'am simply waLter. Walter is my surname. simply wine is maybe better then simply water ;-))

(24 Feb '13, 18:00) simply walter
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