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Hi all, I finished editing the long distance footpath Hertoglimburgpad. As far as I understand I followed best practices for entering this type of path. This means I made a separate relation for every single one of the (10) stages and gathered these 10 relations into the parent relation.

Normally if one would want to view a path on the map, the table containing all the different foothpaths would allow that via the "view"-link. In the case of the Hertoglimburgpad it does not show anything. If one downloads the gpx, the whole path is there. But view does not seem to work.

Did I understand the howto for entering multistage routes wrong?

Please give e some advice. H

asked 23 Feb '13, 17:42

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What will be the workarround for other super-relations e.g. train-routes, street-routes? Any suggestion in that case how to view them?

(15 Jan '14, 06:25) 5erBande

This view your are talking about has problems with large relations and fails to display them, most probably because of internal timeouts. This doesn't indicate any tagging problems and your relation is probably fine. A nice way to verify it is to take a look at it on waymarked trails.

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answered 23 Feb '13, 18:06

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Ok, when that is the case ... Thank you

(23 Feb '13, 19:59) HeinIII

You can use Overpass Turbo, like in this example.

For the sake of clarity I have selected the relation by name. You could also select it by id. Just replace the bracket term by "(2167509)".

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answered 15 Jan '14, 06:44

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Roland Olbricht
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It looks like a very powerfull tool and not so easy to handle. But your example is a good starting point for me. Thanks.

(17 Jan '14, 06:04) 5erBande

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