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I have been trying to add more tags to buildings around area, and have a question relating to where do I put tags.

For a church that has a bit of property and several buildings on it should I put a polygon around the church grounds and add tags such as

amenity = place_of_worship, name=FooBar, addr:street=Some Road, religion=pastafarian, etc.

Or should I add the tags to the area, or should I only put the address information on the building?

With a library(where there is only one building) is it better to tag the area with amenity = library , and put the website and other tags on the building? In general should I just avoid using areas or tagging in this way? What would you suggest any thoughts are welcomed.

asked 20 Feb '13, 22:15

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I think the best approach is to follow the mapping instructions for a school:

permanent link

answered 22 Feb '13, 13:56

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JOSM gives a warning when an housenumber is added to a non building.

(24 Feb '13, 19:08) redsteakraw
  1. It's a warning not an error
  2. JOSM warns for all kind of things that are not a problem at all. It simply means: Are you sure?
(24 Feb '13, 20:18) cartinus

Hi Redsteakraw, I would tag the area as multipolygon outer and the buildings as inner and tag them separately with the use as library or place of worship and and the internet address to the buildings if they are different.

permanent link

answered 20 Feb '13, 22:38

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So the name tags goes on the relation?

(20 Feb '13, 22:50) redsteakraw

I would tag the outer area as churchyard and the inners as said separatedly to their own function. Take a look at the amenity tag place of worship for the right religion tags. Greetz

(20 Feb '13, 23:13) Hendrikklaas

Why do you want to use a multipolygon? A multipolygon is required whenever an area has holes. Using amenity=place_of_worship for the outer area and tagging the buildings as inner excludes them from the area. This implies that they are not part of the church which is wrong.

(21 Feb '13, 07:12) scai ♦

Thanks I didnt realize that effect of the polygone ! Greetz

(24 Feb '13, 19:34) Hendrikklaas

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