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I have submitted a trace from GPSies with the trace name 'Black Hill Nature Reserve - Ridge Track' On Openstreetmap the filename and trace name appear to be a system generated filename. How do I rename the file or trace? Thanks Chris ["map" was replaced with "trace" afterwards for more usefulness to others searching questions]

asked 16 Feb '13, 00:16

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Thank you! Yes, it was a trace/track of my walk today. It is definitely mine, and definitely useful! The management group of the Nature Reserve are very interested in the tracks I can record. And I'm fairly happy with the accuracy. Overlaying on Google Earth or Maps shows there are some small discrepancies but nothing major. Thanks for your advice! Chris

(16 Feb '13, 01:28) chrisp9au

@chrisp9au: Since you mention Google maps/earth: Please do not use them (or other maps/data) for creating contributions here. Also mind that google maps may be/is (depending on the region) more inaccurate than OSM. I don't think that checking for accuracy problems (without actually altering the gps data - which should be a no-go) is a copyright problem, it is better to avoid any problems, though. Overlay your gps trace over a OSM map. That way you can also directly see where there are ways missing which you can add afterwards.

(16 Feb '13, 01:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

The filenames you see at user/chrisp9au/traces are the names the files had during uploading. You can't edit them on the OSM website.

If you really want to change the names, then you can download them to your computer. Delete them from the website. Rename the files on your computer and reupload them using

I wouldn't go through all that effort though. The description and the tags are what really matters.

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answered 16 Feb '13, 01:10

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Hi Chris, you probably mean not a "map" but a GPS trace/track, right? Here is a list of your traces: . is described "Black Hill Nature Reserve - Ridge Track". qqyxqpforptxvgyd.gpx is the file name. You cannot change the file name. You could delete the file ( at ) and re-upload it with another file name. You can change the description and tags here: (you can get there via your list of traces → "more" beneath the relevant trace → "Edit this trace").

However, it is not necessary or recommended (by me) doing that. The file name is not important. What is important is that you recorded that trace yourself, that the trace quality (gps reception) is not bad and that it is useful. It is most useful if you use your trace yourself while correcting our map data (e.g. ways) or adding new data (e.g. ways). GPS traces are also useful if you cannot edit our map data yourself - but not that much. To improve usefulness for other users add a meaningful description and tags (thanks for the pointer, @cartinus).

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answered 16 Feb '13, 01:14

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