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I am new to OSM. For my requirement, I need to read Airport locations (IATA codes) from the database - SQLServer (from all over the world)and show a world map with markers on the Airport locations. Does OSM support it? I need this for a commercial application.

I have googled a lot on the subject and find GoogleMaps to be a bit expensive - Hence searching for solutions from other Map services. Can somebody in the know advise?

Thanks in advance!! Indira

asked 03 Jan '11, 11:17

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Are you wanting to read the locations from your own SQLServer database and display them on your web site (on an OSM map)?

(04 Jan '11, 05:40) Ebenezer

Thanks for the information / queries. Yes, I have the data of Airport destinations (of PNRs) in our own database. Once the webpage is loaded, these Airport locations have to be read and markers have to be shown for these locations on a world map ( include major Airports from all over the world). We have them in the database as 3 letter IATA Codes.

(05 Jan '11, 05:29) indira

I'm not sure what "SQLServer" is or how it ended up in the question, but in principle this is possible. You can query the XAPI for all objects tagged with the key iata and display them on to of Openstreetmap based tiles using openlayers i.e. a marker layer.

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answered 03 Jan '11, 19:10

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I understand that I can query the XAPI for all the objects tagged with the key iata. But I need to show markers only for the Airport locations from my own database and not for all the Airports. Is there a way out with XAPI?

Thanks, Indira

(04 Jan '11, 06:44) indira

Sure. Instead of querying XAPI for locations you can query your own SQLServer and display them. But that is so far outside of the scope of Openstreetmap that we wont support that. Especially as you get payed for your job and we are all volunteers.

(04 Jan '11, 07:27) petschge

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