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I want to ask if I can get the gpx file of a trajectory from openstreetmap using and an api that run under Android platform. I have the source and the destination, so to plot the shortest path between these two points I need the gpx file of this trajectory. Thank you :)

asked 11 Feb '13, 09:44

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So basically you want a GPX file with 2 nodes: source and destination. Well...I don't see the problem.

Just look at the spec at and write the file yourself.

(11 Feb '13, 15:29) gormo

This is not the problem, I'm searching if a routing engine can gives me the calculated way between 2 geopoints in a GPX file. After surfing in the internet, I found that MapQuest and Cloudmade have both webservice api that allows developer to get such informations programmatically. For OSRM it's provides restful webservices but it doesn't return the gpx file of the calculated shortest path.

(11 Feb '13, 16:12) Yahya_Romdhane

You already asked lots of rather similar questions. Please start using the wiki search function. There is a list of online routers with a GPX export row.

(11 Feb '13, 18:50) scai ♦

I visited already this. Thanks anyway

(12 Feb '13, 13:44) Yahya_Romdhane

And why does none of those services featuring GPX export work for you?

(12 Feb '13, 17:27) scai ♦

For MapQuest and Cloudmade they limit access because the have business editions

(13 Feb '13, 09:20) Yahya_Romdhane

And the others mentioned on the wiki; or how about bying the business access if you want to build a commercial application?

(13 Feb '13, 15:37) gormo
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