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The list of maps available for my country don't allow me to zoom in close enough for my edits to be accurate. Google Maps allows much higher resolution. Is there anyway to make the background Google Maps instead of the other options such as Yahoo?

asked 31 Dec '10, 22:58

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(18 Feb '11, 15:47) Baloo Uriza


I have found that we can add POI using Google map in background in OsmAnd for Android. I am adding POI from my mobile and later adding details using Potlatch 2.

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answered 29 May '13, 16:00

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Md Alamgir
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As already explained using Google Maps areal images violates their licence. Don't use them to add POIs or any other data to OSM.

(29 May '13, 16:22) scai ♦

I am not sure how it may violate license as no data is imported from Google map. It is just like to see google map in one screen and adding POI in Openstreet map in another screen. I am one of the top contributor for Google map for Bangladesh and I hope to update my country map for Openstreet map as well.

(29 May '13, 17:47) Md Alamgir

You can of course add your own surveyed POIs to both Google Maps and OSM. But you are not allowed to use Google Maps for determining the coordinates of the POIs (or any other information) you are adding to OSM. If you have to switch to the Google Maps background for adding the POI you are certainly doing something wrong.

(29 May '13, 18:01) scai ♦

What about the other way around? Can I use maps from OSM to add missing content to Google Maps vía Google Map Maker? I tried to understand the license found here: but failed. Would anyone care to explain this matter? Thanks.

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answered 24 Jan '13, 15:39

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No, you can't. ODbL is not compatible with the Google Map Maker licence, because Google aren't prepared to license their data on equal terms: they take, but they don't give back.

(24 Jan '13, 16:03) Richard ♦

Seems fair enough. Thanks Richard.

(24 Jan '13, 16:05) andresmfiallos

@andresmfiallos: Please do not hijackuse different questions for your different questions - especially not by asking a new question in an "answer". And, by the way, your question was already (at least for our old license) answered: (greatly suggested by the "Ask a question" page after entering your second sentence as question topic).

(24 Jan '13, 16:12) aseerel4c26 ♦

'Hijack'! Man, that's uncalled for. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I'll be more careful next time. Peace.

(24 Jan '13, 16:14) andresmfiallos

First of all: OpenStreetMap is not an aerial imagery tracing project.

Aerial imagery is a great supporting element for OpenStreetMap mapping, but it is not our prime source of information. Traditionally, and long before we had any aerial imagery available, we have always been surveying with GPS devices. Given that even with the best aerial imagery, you will still have to visit a place yourself to map it properly, the absence of such imagery does not mean that "we can't put new info in".

We do not currently have permission from Google to trace their imagery. Doing so would violate their Terms of Service and possibly copyright law. Please refrain from doing so as it would but you as well as the whole OpenStreetMap project at legal risk.

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answered 01 Jan '11, 10:21

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You can not use Google satellite images, nor Google maps, because that would violate their licence. You can only use Yahoo and Bing satellite images (but not maps!) as those have given OSM explicit right to trace from their images. Remember to add the source=* tag when tracing.

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answered 01 Jan '11, 00:18

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edited 17 Feb '11, 19:46

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