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I am interested in mapping the London congestion charging zone but there seems to be no formal tag for it. I can deduce from the OSM Inspector that "cc" is unusually short and therefore should be ignored, but what I hope to do at some point is tag affected roads with a key like "congestioncharge=yes" to imply the standard values like "fee=10" and "toll:motorcar=yes" and that would render on Mapnik as a zone with a red border, but what is unique is that it is £10 a day, not £10 a go.

How do I get around to do this properly and what is the best way to do this because I am hoping that OSM could help drivers avoid the charge zone, with the number of drivers using OSM increasing.


asked 06 Feb '13, 04:28

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I was thinking about this as well PLUS the Ultra Low Emission Zone which reaches right out the North and South circulars, covering a massive chunk of London

(02 Aug '21, 10:40) Mikey Co

Replying 8 years later, the London ULEZ also needs to be added. I imagine that this will be done as a Relation around the outside, rather than a giant area covering the ULEZ zone?

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answered 12 Oct '21, 13:56

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Mikey Co
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OSM doesn't really have an "area" object, so a "relation around the outside" and "a giant area" boil down to the same thing. I'd have a look at how other things like this are tagged (not just in London, but around the world).

(12 Oct '21, 13:59) SomeoneElse ♦

All 3 boundary=low_emission_zone are already present.

LEZ: ULEZ: CCZ: (not clear why type=boundary changed to type=toll)

=boundary is conceptually more ideal than =multipolygon when it is precisely defined by a certain entity for a specific purpose.

(13 Oct '21, 12:36) Kovoschiz

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