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When I map smaller villages I often make a polygon and tag it landuse=residential, place=village/hamlet and name=[name]. For some reason however, this won't render the name of the village in any render style available on Example: landuse=residential without place tag for reference:

How is this? Is this kind of mapping discouraged? I thought it best if the place name rendered at the center of the polygon, instead of where the mapper may have put the place node. Or is it simply a Mapnik bug?

asked 05 Feb '13, 23:17

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Usually the place tags go on nodes. If it's on a closed way, it's usually also tagged with boundary=administrative. See (NB: the villages of Veberod and Dalby near your example seem to use the node)

I've put a name on landuse only when it's a specific unified area (ie residential development, trailer park, powerplant, military base, etc) which is generally a smaller subsection of an administrative area.

Also, from the landuse=residential wiki page:

"The extent of the area should mark the boundary of known residential use, not the extent of the whole town or village, where they are not identical." It would appear in your example that not all of the area is residential?

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answered 06 Feb '13, 15:35

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The place tag is equally valid on areas.

(06 Feb '13, 17:16) scai ♦

When I've used residential in this way at least the majority of the village is residential (there's some industrial tagged in the north of Genarp, my linked example)

Towns and villages aren't administrative units in Sweden, so it would be misleading to use administrative tags for them.

The main problem still stands though: why won't the name render just because there's a place tag in the area, together with the residential tag?

(06 Feb '13, 20:27) Grillo

Sorry, but since the above really didn't answer my question (why place and residential won't render name, but only residential will), I voted it down.

(28 Feb '13, 12:44) Grillo

Fair enough, but the literal answer to that is "because that's how the Mapnik rendering works right now". Use trac to search for or report bugs/wishes:

(28 Feb '13, 15:16) neuhausr

If an area is tagged as a place, its name is only rendered if area=yes is set.

But this doesn't make much sense to me. Place the residential area where it is, place an admin border where it is and place a place name node where you want the label to be placed.


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answered 06 Mar '13, 09:21

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Thank you, but we don't use admin borders for Swedish towns since they are not administrative units. Also thank you for the area suggestion, but I decided to make the place tag into a node of itself again.

(09 May '13, 22:51) Grillo

area=yes and place gets rendered? that doesn't work for me unfortunately.

(11 May '13, 07:37) moszkva ter

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