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Witch tag to use for abandoned or disused (European rules) farmland or fields ? Or a stretch of land that’s hardly been used for agriculture, the leisure - nature_reserve looks improper; it’s not a reserve but just a rough field ! The Wiki gives a lot of examples but IMHO nothing suitable or is there a solution that didn’t cross my mind ? Is roughfield an addition to green- and brownfield ? Greetz

asked 04 Feb '13, 21:53

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So what does the surface look like? Grass? Scrub? Heath? Mud? There are lots of possibilities but we can't tell you without knowing the characteristics of your terrain.

(05 Feb '13, 07:33) scai ♦

The most we or western field is without the NR tag, see this, The grass or weed is growing high and there several growing in the field, but no scrubs yet. In the European Union there several farmlands disused or abandoned, since the farmer gets an allowance, for not using the fields. And in no time, the old grows will take over.

(05 Feb '13, 23:18) Hendrikklaas

Nice paint job, but could you please tag things as what they are, not how you want them coloured.

P.S. You broke the water again.

(06 Feb '13, 20:16) cartinus

To expand a little bit on what @cartinus is saying, what is being described sounds like what in English (or at least English English) we'd call "set aside" or "lying fallow". It's very different from "brownfield land". Set-aside land (as in your link) was formerly agricultural, and likely will be again shortly; brownfield land was often previously industrial.

(06 Feb '13, 21:59) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks,SomeoneElse. Im used to short messages with 'dont use'. But IMHO it was quiet clear when I asked, what to use and not for a dont. The border area alongside the stronghold might be mown once a year but is in no way farmland and wont be either. Its more a rough like the border of a golf hole or resort. But the Wiki points out, rough with bushes, it aint. So I was puzzled. And expected some positive advise from this platform. Ill doubt but revert and tag the area meadow together with disused farmland as Scai's suggested. And retag the other fields in the area to meadow as well.

(06 Feb '13, 23:14) Hendrikklaas

If there is grass by now then tag it with landuse=meadow. Usually we don't tag the former usage but you can add the disused key (disused:landuse=farmland). This can be useful to inform other mappers about the change and to prevent them from changing it back when only looking at areal imagery.

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answered 06 Feb '13, 08:33

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