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How do I map a stream that is in a Culvert so's mapnik will not render it?

This shopping center has a stream in a culvert under the ground I already added tunnel=culvert to the section of the stream that is in the culvert and layer = -1.'s mapnik theme still renders the stream. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the mapnik theme uses? What are your thoughts on this?

asked 03 Feb '13, 22:54

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edited 03 Feb '13, 22:55

Yes that is a bug, but you should tag something as what it is anyway, not as what you want it to look like. for the renderer

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answered 04 Feb '13, 06:40

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Have you filed the bug against mapnik?

(28 Feb '13, 10:17) gormo

I've only looked at a very old mapnik stylesheet, but the rule for streams and tunnels was : <filter>(([waterway]='stream') and ([tunnel]='yes'))</filter>. This may still be true, so tunnel=culvert would never trigger the rule.

(28 Feb '13, 14:19) SK53 ♦

"Have you filed a bug" - it would have been handy to give a link to tell us how to ;) - I've worked out it goes on Github, so here is a bug asking Mapnik to respect tunnel=culvert

(31 Mar '13, 19:01) mcld

Well, I didn't know how, either. /shame

(02 Apr '13, 11:08) gormo

Ummm - it turns out bugs are supposed to go to trac not github... so here's the bug and here's my fix:

(04 May '13, 22:58) mcld

On the Standard map I used the link in the question and using P2 editor the stream as a node just north of the car park splitting the stream, both North and South of this node the stream bears the tag tunnel=culvert I think this should be tunnel=yes for the long under ground sections or culvert=yes for short under ground sections. the North section appears, from bing to be above ground so should not have either of these tags. Perhaps this is the problem as SK53 as said edit tunnel=yes works here

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answered 01 Apr '13, 13:21

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andy mackey
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edited 05 May '13, 10:29

I have just edited a short section of your tunnel to tunnel=yes does it work for you

(05 May '13, 10:21) andy mackey

@andy-mackey yes it does (I can see it as a dashed line) but we shouldn't change our mapping to suit the renderer, we need to fix the renderer, since tunnel=culvert is agreed and widely used.

(05 May '13, 10:29) mcld

??? isn't tunnel=culvert a bit like street=road so are tunnel=yes and culvert=yes wrong? If it's just a case of the rendering engine not liking or drawing tunnel=culvert I have to agree with it.

(05 May '13, 10:40) andy mackey

In my humble opinion neither ways of tagging are wrong. tunnel=culvert fits the standard convention of using a more descriptive term to give a narrower description: like using building=yes versus building=church, both are OK, one is a narrower category than the other.

It's fine not to like tunnel=culvert, but if it's agreed AND common AND recommended in the wiki, then the renderer should handle it.

(05 May '13, 10:46) mcld

Thanks mcid I understand now

(05 May '13, 10:52) andy mackey

I have an example I mapped here that works with “tunnel=yes” and displays as a feint line

(05 May '13, 10:55) andy mackey
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