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Hi, I need help to buy a new gps for a dear friend of mine who is very active here on osm. Now he uses a 6-7 year old device which he connect to his smartphone, then he enters streetnames etc. then he uploads this to his computer and starts mapping. Im looking for a similar but better device, reasonable price, and if possible to be able to buy it in a store in Sweden (so he can exchange it if he wants to). Please help me, Im compleatly lost, I dont even know what to look for! Any help at all is appriciated.


asked 31 Jan '13, 13:25

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Unfortunately as you've noticed, our introductory documentation is a bit out of date and a bit rubbish (although here is a contribution that hopefully may be part of an improvement).

At the top level, you've essentially got the choice between GPS loggers (like your friend is using now) and stand-alone devices, some of which can also display maps created from OSM data and direct you along routes based on that (like a car sat-nav).

The Garmin Glo and BT-Q818XT are both GPS loggers. Unfortunately I'm familiar with neither - it's possible that someone who is may spot this question, but if they don't you might be better asking for a recommendation somewhere else - perhaps on the #osm IRC channel (you can connect on the web if you don't have any IRC software).

What I can say is that any new logger will probably need to work with his existing phone, and preferably with any existing software - so it might be worth finding that out.

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Hi Inga,

Reed this please;

i hope youll find enough info to make a dicission.

Happy trail

Greetz hendrik

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answered 31 Jan '13, 13:33

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Thank you Hendrik. I actually did check out this page before I asked my question, including the gps reviews page. I thought i might ask my question direct to the forum because I just cant comprehend the information out there, it all sounds very technical, but i still dont know whats good and whats not, what the gps need to have, for example: is 120000 datapoints good or bad? Im lost and clueless. :(

Theese are the products im looking in to, wich of theese two are better and can do what im looking for? GPS BT-Q818XT or GARMIN GLO


(31 Jan '13, 14:26) IngaFromSweden

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