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i'm building a timetable information web app and want to show the resulting routes on a map. Today, there suddenly appeared transparent black country borders on the map. I'm using cloudmade tiles. When i use the OSM tiles for testing purposes, the borders appear in pink. I don't know where this mistake comes from and how to fix it. They're kind of confusing when i draw routes, because you can see them also in a very high zoom lvl. I attach a screenshot to demonstrate my issue. Thanks.


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"OpenStreetMap" is really just the data (with a couple of example maps available on the home page).

The Cloudmade tiles are rendered by Cloudmade using OSM data - you'd need to talk to them about any change to the way that they look.

Other tile providers are available, and you can of course render your own and make them look however you want.

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Okay. But when i change the tiles to the osm tile servers, i get the same borders only in a different color. This problem appeared today for the first time..

(30 Jan '13, 12:31) kvonspiczak

I don't believe that OSM's "standard" map display has changed much recently - borders to me look like they always have. If you want to have tiles rendered without country borders on them, perhaps you need to create your own tiles?

(30 Jan '13, 12:37) SomeoneElse ♦
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