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I noticed that MANY rural roads where I live (Central Texas) that have incorrect numbers. For example, they should have labels like CR (County Road) 2965, CR 2105, CR 3145, and so on. Instead, they have labels like CR 101, CR 103, CR 114, etc. There are NO roads anywhere NEAR this area with those numbers. It's as if somebody just made them up at random. I haven't done a complete, detailed search - there are simply too many of them. A lot of maps use OSM data (e.g. Google Maps) so that means their maps are wrong, too. Is there some place where this can be reported and corrected?

Thanks, Ron in Texas

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asked 28 Dec '10, 15:46

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(10 Mar '11, 16:58) Baloo Uriza

Most likely the road names are from the Tiger import which is known to have very erratic data quality. The names can be edited just like any other piece of geoinformation in Openstreetmap. And while many sites use OpenStreetMap data Google isn't one of them yet; if they happen to use the same incorrect numbers as does OpenStreetMap then the most likely reason for that is that they, too, have imported the TIGER data.

The best way to fight errors in the OSM database is to sign up and correct the problems yourself. If you feel you're unable to do that, you may report problems on so that others can then repair things; do not, however, expect that as soon as you have reported the problem an army of volunteers will descend upon Texas to correct it. OpenStreetMap largely depends on people on the ground collecting data, so if the errors are as widespread as you say, it may take some time.

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answered 28 Dec '10, 16:23

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Frederik Ramm ♦

I assumed Google used it because in Google Maps these roads have the exact same incorrect labels.

(28 Dec '10, 16:37) Osmigo

I appreciate your answers. I signed up a few minutes ago and went to the Edit screen, using Potlatch 1. I couldn't immediately find any way to change a road name, however. Would you mind just briefly giving me a pointer? I would be happy to fix this myself.


(28 Dec '10, 17:07) Osmigo

I guess that means that Google uses the same Tiger data.

(28 Dec '10, 17:12) petschge

Just clik on the specific road to select it then change the "name" value in the field that appear on the bottom of the screen.

You should try to use Potlatch 2, witch will soon become the default editor. It is available when you hover the "Edit" tab and wait for few seconds. Potlatch 2 is visually better.

(28 Dec '10, 17:49) Strash

while most edits are made with JOSM, the java desktop editor for OSM, potlatch being an online editor is a good tool for simple tasks like correcting incorrect names and refs. Basic help on editing with links how to edit in JOSM and Potlatch can be found here:

(10 Mar '11, 19:29) dieterdreist

Counties in Texas seems to prolifically assign county road numbers. These are likely refs for the county roads; moving that value to the ref= tag and entering the correct name= is probably the best solution. Also be sure to verify that the road isn't part of one of Texas' six state highway systems (TX, Loop, NASA, Spur, Recreation, and FM).

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answered 30 Dec '10, 03:13

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Baloo Uriza
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