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I am trying to tag a fast food restaurant with the cuisine tag. The place is called Four in One so I tried using cuisine=italian;indian;american;turkish. However Potlatch gives a warning triangle and puts the text in red, with a message "the tag contains more than one value - please check".

Should I use the cuisine=* four separate times?

Similarly, when tagging the source of my data, how should I tag source = survey (for checking what is on the ground) and Bing (for tracing the outline)?

What is the recommended method of applying multiple values to one tag?

asked 28 Jan '13, 20:20

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The acceptable way of tagging two values in one element is as you suggest to separate by a semicolon.

The reason that Potlatch 2 highlights it is in case you've merged two ways together and now have conflicting values. For example, if you merge together a stretch of street with no sidewalk with a stetch with sidewalk on the left the result will be "sidewalk=left; none" which is clearly nonsensical.

In your case it would seem to make sense to tag with semicolon-separated values (although as I'm sure you're aware few renderers will understand them).

With regard to source I to often use something like "source=survey;Bing".

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answered 28 Jan '13, 20:49

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Hi Hobgoblin, You should try to forget the red signals in the advanced menu of P2. Its the same with GSM mast or antennas. And talk on this platform made me use the ; in between different values. Greetz

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answered 28 Jan '13, 20:27

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The use of semicolon is NOT recommended:

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answered 09 Jul '15, 14:21

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That's not entirely true. Whether the use of semicolons is recommended or not depends on the specific use case. Both the wiki page you have mentioned as well as SomeoneElse's answer list several tags where the use of semicolons is perfectly fine.

(09 Jul '15, 14:33) scai ♦

Yes, that's correct, the wiki page lists some use cases. But still, generally it is not recommended ("In general avoid ';' separated values whenever possible.") - Altough I understand the necessity and use of the semicolon for attributing several key values, the main argument (on the mentioned wiki page) is that most renderers and processors, tools etc. do not handle semicolon lists, hence (in a client-focused thinking), we should not use them as they are not going to be processed...

(09 Jul '15, 14:40) sakudo

@sakudo unfortunately a major contributor to that wiki page was a prolific wiki editor who subsequently got banned because of (among other things) their inability to balance their views with those of other people.

However this case (multiple cuisines) is analogous to the "service" example on the wiki page where use of a semicolon is suggested.

Perhaps you could suggest how the questioner should tag their restaurant?

(09 Jul '15, 14:50) SomeoneElse ♦

I have the same type of problem with shop types I don't mind what seperator to use as long as it is agreed as ok. as far as I can tell I can choose from ,: and somepeople think ; is best while others say no? so is it right to deduce that ,: are the best to choose from instead?

(19 Nov '15, 21:26) Govanus

Govanus credit to someneelse who frased (28-01-13) the semicolon (;) about 2,5 year ago and use it in between the different articles or tags.

(19 Nov '15, 21:37) Hendrikklaas

@Govanus: I think you can safely assume that ",:" (a comma followed by a colon) is rarely if ever used, so that wouldn't be the best separator to use. The generally agreed-upon separator is a single ";" (semi-colon character).

(20 Nov '15, 00:42) alester
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