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Hello guys,

I have done quite a few edits for my area and i have 2 questions i can't figure:

  1. Let's say a have a POI of a center that is doing multiple things like pawn shop, exchange office, western union money transfer and selling jewelery. I know how i can tag all above separatly but how can i tag the poi to have all those tags, should i put all tags referring to all the things the center sells?
  2. Can i add custom icons for a poi? How can i do that?

Thank you!

asked 27 Jan '13, 12:39

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  1. I highly recommend to still map them as separate nodes, maybe all at exactly the same location. The simple reason is that software tools will not find the nodes if they have a special tagging.
  2. No, you can't. It also wouldn't make sense. OSM is a collection of data, and an icon is useful more or less only for a data presentation in a map.
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answered 27 Jan '13, 14:21

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Roland Olbricht
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Thank you very much!

Maybe i expect osm to have functionalities diiferent from what it is in fact. ^-^

I thought that i could assign multiple tags to a place (just like blogging) but i think the search software of osm works different. Hmmm...ok...i can live with that. ^-^.

So, a node should have only one "type tag" if i may call it, like: shop=x OR amenity=y, not both on the same node.

I'm ok with the icon explanation, in fact you're seraching for a place, not an icon of the place. ^-^

(28 Jan '13, 10:00) Kaigara

I would say, shop AND amenity on the same node can be ok. Think of a bakery which is also a café. shop=bakery, amenity=cafe makes sense.

two shop=X or amenity=X is not possible, though.

(29 Jan '13, 12:46) moszkva ter

There's a related question here which describes a restaurant which legitimately has multiple "cuisine" values.

(29 Jan '13, 13:05) SomeoneElse ♦

You've confused me big time. ^-^ @Roland says it's better to tag as different nodes. @moszkva says it's ok to put shop=bakery and amenity=cafe on the same node. @All and @SomeoneElse: The cuisine tag seems like a "child" tag of a restaurant and i think it's ok to put multiple cuisine tags. But my question was if it's ok from the OSM point of view to have multiple "main" tags of a node, eg. shop=bakery and amenity=cafe?

Thank you!

(31 Jan '13, 08:13) Kaigara

There is no distinction in "main tags" or "child tags". You can technically put as many tags as you want on an object, but not two with the same key. That's the reason why the multiple cuisines are an issue.

When you tag, you should always think about what data users could make out of it. For search engines, there is no problem with both tags because the node is found both as a "bakery" as well as "cafe". However, a service that needs to classify things, will make either a bakery or a cafe of that node without your control and may draw wrong assumptions from that.

(01 Feb '13, 09:37) Roland Olbricht

in cases where there are multiple values for a key, you can (as described in the related question SomeoneElse mentioned) add all values separated by a semicolon (ie shop=second_hand;jewelry). However, know that most renderers will only evaluate the first value. Given that relatively few shop tags are widely rendered these days, that's probably not a big deal.

(01 Feb '13, 18:31) neuhausr

cool, are you sure e.g. osm.orgs Mapnik will render "amenity=school;cafe" as a school? I would have thought that it would render nothing.

(06 Feb '13, 12:12) emj

Thank you all guys! The simplest thing i will do, is to test all your info on the map, search for the poi and see what works for what. ^-^

(07 Feb '13, 08:18) Kaigara
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